DESMI Strengthens Presence in Italy

The new office, which is legally a representative office of DESMI Pumping Technology A/S, will be headed by our new colleague, Simone Carluccio, as of 1st June 2021. 
DESMI Strengthens Presence in Italy

DESMI Strengthens Presence in Italy. (Image source: DESMI A/S)

Simone Carluccio has previous experience from the marine business and comes from a position at DESMI’s Italian agent, FGS (Fluid Global Solutions). This means Simone Carluccio is already familiar with DESMI’s products in the marine segment, such as DESMI ballast water management systems, engine room pumps, scrubber pumps, automation solutions, and much more, which makes him a perfect match for DESMI on the Italian market.

“Italy is a very important market for DESMI, which it has been for years, and we see a great potential in serving the increasing and important number of customers in the Italian shipping industry. Generally, we find it very important being close to the local market and strengthening our presence in Italy is a natural step following this strategy - getting closer to our customers”, says Henrik Sørensen, Group CEO at DESMI.

“Our strong local presence in different regions around the world is reinforced by our relationship with local reputable distributors and agents. They strengthen us, and we strengthen them. Our close partner, FGS, has in recent years been our distributor in Italy, and FGS will continue to be part of our DESMI family working closely together with Simone Carluccio and the future team at DESMI Italy”.

“We have great expectations for the market in Italy, and we foresee more colleagues joining within shortly the office in Italy”, concludes Henrik Sørensen.

Source: DESMI A/S

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