A Mix of Easy Operation and Support

CNS Ship / Boat Repairing LLC in Dubai manages a fleet of 20 ships. Since 2018 the Ship Management company has decided to install CompactClean BWMS on board their ships, and so far three systems have been delivered and installed - and more are on the way.
A Mix of Easy Operation and Support

A Mix of Easy Operation and Superb Support (Image source: Desmi Pumping Technology)

Even though a ballast water management system seems to be a technical difficult system to handle and install, that is not the case with the CompactClean System. “The crew and everyone on board using the system and those who have taken part in the installation of the system are happy, “and the main reason for this is that the system performs well and is very easy to operate”, says Technical Superintendent Mr. J. P. Singh.

The BWMS systems delivered are the CompactClean OptIMO – perfect for operation in IMO waters also. The sizes installed are: 2 x OptIMO 340 LCD EX & 1 x OptIMO 1000 EX LCD EX.

All delivered in standard size with low footprint – a big advantage when retrofitting BWMS. Space is not always an easy thing to find. When in dialogue about the BWMS contract, delivery etc., CNC experienced a perfectly planned project plan and everything went smoothly – and for future installations they also state that local appearance is great, not just in technical support, but also in case of training, service, commissioning etc.

Source: DESMI A/S

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