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The global pump search engine Spaix.NET of multiple manufacturers and of different industrial sectors now features a significantly extended database and an improved software.

The product range „Wastewater Treatment“ now contains pumps and lifting stations of seven pump manufacturers. So it has become the largest and most detailed pump database on the Internet at all. But also the other areas of pump application have been expanded.

“For wastewater and sewage applications we provide pump users, planners, building owners and process engineers comprehensive product information and a unique overview on available pumps and lifting units” emphasizes Jens-Uwe Vogel, CEO of the software and Internet company VSX that also operates the pump search engine. To this area of application we have added several pump series of the manufacturer ABS as well as the product catalogs of the companies Herborner Pumpen, HOMA Pumpen and Jung Pumpen.

“The Pump Search Engine is for us the ideal platform to make our products accessible to process engineers, planners and pump users that are not so familiar with the brand JUNG Pumpen yet” states Alexander Schmidt being in charge for planning software at Jung Pumpen on the objectives of his company.

As a new participant within the product range of process and chemical industry the manufacturer SANWA Pumps has been integrated with selected pump series. SANWA Pumps is the first Japanese pump manufacturer that participates in the pump search engine at all. This is an important step towards the further globalization of the search engine that is currently dominated by mainly European pump suppliers.

The areas of application water supply / pressure increase as well as heating, cooling, climate have also been updated and supplemented by further pump records.

The search engine that not only features the product search via a given duty point but also supports the configuration of the pump providing all information that is needed for a purchase decision has gotten great response by pump users of all applications.

The user simply needs to define the duty point and to specify the area of application for the desired pump. As a result all pumps of the different manufacturers that meet the requirements are being displayed. In further selection steps the user can configure the chosen pump by selecting components as motors, couplings, seals, materials and the types of installation according to the product options of the pump manufacturer.

Many new program functions of the search engine make it even more user friendly and informative while simplifying communication. For instance the new feature “Product information request” has been added that enables direct contacts between customers and pump manufacturers without running through the entire pump selection process.

The Quickinfo function of the hydraulic selection dialog provides already a preview of the products before the actual selection starts. Especially in case of extensive search results all the functions of sorting and extracting as well as the Quickinfo feature provide clearness within the table of suitable pumps. As known from the Windows Explorer clicking into the table head sorts the data records according to the respective property such as efficiency, speed, etc.

After successfully selecting a pump the assembly can now be completed by the selection of suitable accessories as far as provided by the supplier. So some pump manufacturers offer complete pipe works, suitable fittings, control units, sumps and other optional features.

Interested pump manufacturers are sincerely invited to participate in the search engine. An overview on frequently asked questions about this topic can also be found at Spaix.NET.

For a personal consultation please directly contact the operators of the Pump Search Engine:


Mr. Jens-Uwe VOGEL, CEO

Ms Beate ZASCHKE, Marketing

Robert-Blum-Str. 3

D – 01097 Dresden / Germany

Tel. +49 351 899510

Fax +49 351 8995111


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About Spaix.NET

Since October 2000 the pump search engine of multiple manufacturers Spaix.Net has been operated by VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE, the European provider of eBusiness solutions for the pump industry.

This website not only features the technically qualified pump selection but also supports the configuration of the pump and provides all information that is needed for the purchase decision. Integrated eBusiness functions enable quick and direct contacts between customers and pump supplier and optimize the sales processes.

The overwhelming response of pump users to the Search Engine results from offering an unparalleled wide range of pumps of different pump manufacturers of all areas of application of. For pump manufacturers the Search Engine is an extremely cost effective marketplace to professionally offer their products to pump users worldwide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Generally every pump manufacturer can participate in the pump search engine. The only requirement is the supply of the pump data. Software licenses don’t have to by necessarily purchased.

The technically sophisticated software of the Search Engine that is the unsurpassed leading edge product among pump selection software in terms of diversity of program features and general applicability for centrifugal pumps guarantees technically reliable and time-saving pump sizing.


VSX - VOGEL SOFTWARE is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pump selection and configuration programs. The product range includes software for PC and Internet featuring extensive functions covering the selection and configuration of pumps and accessories as well as subsequent business processes and adjacent tasks. Beyond that the company provides full after sales service. Besides operating impeller.NET/Spaix.NET the division Internet Services also offers the complete integration of online pump selection programs into the websites of pump manufacturers.

The software and Internet company headquartered in Dresden was founded 1993 and maintains world-wide business relationships to companies of the pump and chemical industry. The world’s leading pump manufacturers benefit from VSX’ software, such as ITT Industries, EBARA, KSB, Wilo-Salmson, Friatec und ABS among many others.

Brief Introduction of Participating Pump Manufacturers

About ABS Pumps

ABS offers the broadest range of pumps, mixers and aerators available on the market. Its three major market segments are water and wastewater, process industry and building services. The experiences of the company go back to the year 1870 when the first pumps were delivered to the Swedish paper industry. The first submersible pumps were built in the fifties in Germany.

Production sites are located in Sweden, Ireland, Germany and Brazil. ABS has subsidiaries and branch offices in 30 countries. In further 100 countries its products are sold by distributors. ABS employs a work force of 2000 with an annual turnover of approximately 300 Million Euro (2000).

ABS is a company of the Cardo group (more than 1150 Mio. EUR annual turnover in 2000).


FRIATEC-Rheinhütte provides a wide range of special pump designs to serve the chemical and process industry, the pharmaceutical industry as well as environmental technology and biotechnical processes. The delivery programme includes horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps with conventional drives or magnetic drives, circulation pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps and liquid gas submersible pumps. Decades of experiences in the development, production and application of pump materials result in an approved and extensive product line from metal, plastics and ceramics.

FRIATEC Pumps is a division of the FRIATEC group (199 Mio. EUR turnover in 2000 with 1517 employees on 31.12.), that is part of the Belgian ETEX group (worldwide 32000 employees; 2,8 Billion EUR turnover 2000).

About HOMA Pumpenfabrik

HOMA Pumpenfabrik is a manufacturer of pumps for sewage and wastewater disposal, building services and water supply headquartered in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany. HOMA is represented in 60 countries by a network of sales and service organizations. The privately owned company originates from a small factory for electric motors that was founded by Hans Hoffmann more than 50 years ago. The initial workshop has grown to an internationally operating company.

About Herborner Pumpenfabrik

Herborner Pumpenfabrik have stood for quality, reliability and costumer service since its establishment in 1874. Important application fields are pool water technology, waste water technology, marine technology, apparatus engineering, water purification. Under the slogan “Pump technology on the highest level“ Herborner Pumpenfabrik points the way ahead in the pump industry.

About ITT Richter

ITT Richter manufactures and markets plastic-lined and metallic magnetic drive and mechanical seal pumps, valves and measuring and control equipment.

ITT Richter was established in 1957, it has roughly 240 employees and has been an affiliate of ITT Industries, USA, since 1994.

Its sister companies are Goulds Pumps, USA, and Vogel-Pumpen, Austria ITT Industries pools the activities of the companies Goulds, Vogel and Richter

About Jung Pumpen

For decades JUNG PUMPEN has been a competent and reliable partner in terms of water supply and wastewater disposal. For 75 years the company has developed and manufactured pumps and pump stations for estate drainage as well as large-scale projects of industry and communities.

With an annual turnover of about 120 Million DEM the company employs 320 people. Today on a production area of approximately 20.000 m² far more than annually 100.000 pumps of different types are manufactured.

An extended sales and customer advisory network as well as an own customer service cover the complete area of Germany providing fast and personal care at any place. Jung Pumpen has subsidiaries in Austria, France and Poland as well as contracting parties in many countries of the world.

The satisfaction of its customers is the main objective of the company. JUNG PUMPEN is concerned not only with keeping its products up-to-date, but also with its quality and ease of installation. Short delivery periods and delivery on time are its major priorities.

About KSB

KSB is Europe’s largest manufacturer of pumps and valves.

The applications range from building services to industrial processes, water engineering, mining and energy technology. KSB pumps and valves provide and distribute water to private, public and industrial buildings. They solve heating and air-conditioning problems. Chemical, petrochemical and many other companies use them to transport aggressive, corrosive, explosive, solids-laden and viscous liquids. KSB products deal with industrial and municipal waste water. And they stand up to every temperature and pressure that power generation can throw at them. Wherever these products are in use, they ensure that processes run smoothly and economically.

KSB has worldwide approximately 12.200 employees resulting in an annual turnover of about 1,1 Mrd. EUR (2000). The history of the company goes back to the establishment of the "Frankenthaler Maschinen- & Armatur-Fabrik Klein, Schanzlin & Becker" in 1871.

About Pumpex

Pumpex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible pumps.

Its products are mainly used for conveying of industrial and municipal wastewater, sewage and drainage. Pumpex belongs to the Cardo group with more than 1150 Mio. EUR turnover in 2000.

About Ruhrpumpen

RUHRPUMPEN GMBH was spun off from the Thyssen Group in February 1997 and was sold to Derlan Industries Limited of Toronto, Canada – a company active throughout the world – and to Industrias EG S.A. de C.V. of Monterrey, Mexico. Today it forms parts of the company’s core business.

For over 50 years RUHRPUMPEN has developed and manufactured centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, including pumps, for use under extreme conditions.

RUHRPUMPEN is an innovative and efficient pump technology company and offers operators of pump systems a wide range of products for diverse applications

The most important areas of use are oil fields, terminals, crude oil and finished-product pipelines, refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, on-shore and offshore technology, conventional power stations and thermal power stations, communal and industrial water management, drinking water, pumping stations, water pipelines, communal and industrial sewage systems, shipbuilding, floating docks and dry docks.

About SANWA Pump

SANWA HYDROTECH CORPORATION is a manufacturer of MAGNET DRIVE CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS that is headquartered in Osaka (Japan). Typical application areas are chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, refinery, textile, food and beverage, power generation, semi-conductor, chiller/refrigerator

About WILO

Since 1928 Wilo has developed and manufactured innovative pumps and pump systems for building services, industry and plant design. The main areas of the delivery programme include circulation pumps for heating, cooling, climate as well as pumps and pump systems for water supply, rainwater utilization, pressure increase, sewage and wastewater disposal.

Own representatives worldwide handle distribution and field services in high competence. Wilo products are available by local heating and sanitation wholesalers.

Wilo is part of the Wilo-Salmson group which, with a staff of 2722 and an annual turnover in excess of DM 813 million, is one of the largest pump manufacturer worldwide. With a staff of 1563 and an annual turnover of DM 500 million Wilo is the largest group member within the Wilo-Salmson AG.

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