Pentair Releases 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

Pentair plc released its 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report, reporting on the Company’s efforts and progress toward Making Better Essential.
Pentair Releases 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report

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“As a purpose-driven company, at Pentair we are energized each day by the positive impact we can make in creating a better world for people and the planet through smart, sustainable water solutions,” said John L. Stauch, Pentair President and CEO. “Improving the world around us is essential to the products we design, the solutions we create, the customers and communities we serve, and how we operate. We are inspired that we can make a positive impact through our mission to help the world sustainably move, improve, and enjoy water, life’s most essential resource.”

The Report highlights progress towards Pentair’s Social Responsibility Strategic Targets which are designed to make a positive impact on people and the planet, including the following 2023 progress highlights:

Carbon Footprint Reduction Progress Highlights: Pentair’s total Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions decreased 30.9% compared to the 2019 baseline.

Water Withdrawal Reduction Progress Highlights: Pentair’s absolute water withdrawal within its operations decreased 22.9% as compared to the 2019 baseline, which represents an approximately 22 percentage point improvement from 2022.

Design for Sustainability Progress Highlights: Building on our success from 2022, we assessed 100% of new products with our product sustainability scorecard.2 We continued to consider product sustainability, along with other factors, as we weighed decisions in our commercialization process. We also laid the groundwork for new sustainability tools to aggregate product sustainability achievements for our customers.

Responsible Supply Chain Progress Highlights: As part of new supplier screening, we assess each supplier’s ESG maturity and alignment with Pentair’s social responsibility strategy. In collaboration with a third-party expert, we assessed the ESG maturity of approximately 73% of our top 80% of existing suppliers by spend, and 50% of new suppliers with a projected spend greater than $1 million.

Inclusion & Diversity Progress Highlights: We continue to advance a diverse and inclusive workforce. Pentair achieved 31% female representation in the workforce (2019 baseline of 30%) and 31% female representation in leadership positions (2019 baseline of 28%). In the U.S., people of color (POC) representation in the workforce was 38% (2019 baseline of 39%) and U.S. POC representation in leadership positions was 24% (2019 baseline of 23%).

“In 2023, through the collective efforts of our dedicated employees, customers and partners, Pentair continued our contributions to positively impact the world,” said Karla Robertson, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary, and Chief Social Responsibility Officer. “I am proud of the progress we have made and grateful for the commitment to Making Better Essential. Together, we can make the world better and build a brighter future for all.”

The positive impact of Pentair’s products, solutions and workplace initiatives is further highlighted within the Report including efforts to advance a more sustainable future by helping customers reduce energy use and avoid single-use plastic water bottles. Pentair continues to be recognized for its leadership by ratings agencies such as MSCI, where we have maintained a AAA rating since 2022 and Sustainalytics, which has ranked Pentair in the top 17% or better of the Machinery Industry group since 2022.

Source: Pentair plc.

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