News from the IFAT 2010 – Part 2


In the second part of the IFAT report informs about innovations in the field "Pumps for Water and Chemicals".

Irrigation and Drinking Water Supply

Andritz HYDRO-Pumpen is a worldwide operating provider of standard centrifugal pumps and customized large pumps. At IFAT ENTSORGA the manufacturer which is well-known in the pulp and power plant industry, displayed his competencies in water pumping, e.g. irrigation and de-watering or drinking water supply. A major project for comprehensive irrigation of farmland in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh may be a good example. The Pumps Division, a part of the ANDRITZ HYDRO business area of the international technology Group ANDRITZ, is contributing to a total of eleven sub-projects in this large venture, which is also to build numerous pumping stations on greenfield sites in the next five years.

Nijhuis presented the fish-friendly pumps of the series HPF and VPF. Available in vertical and horizontal configuration in dry or wet mounting, the pumps are designed for use in natural water systems with low pressures and high volume flow. A test under supervision of an independent laboratory proofed that 100% of the eel and 97% of the fish remained unscathed. Therefore, a specific impeller and guide vane construction has been developed which allows a safe transport of fish due to favorable water flow.

pressure boosting system Helix (Photo: Wilo)The state of the art of energy efficient pressure boosting system for potable water supply has been presented by the pump specialist WILO. The systems are based on the “Helix V” resp. the electronically controlled “Helix VE” with highly efficient hydraulics. These pumps come generally with IE2 motors, fulfilling thus already today the requirements of the European ecodesign directive for electric motors which will come into effect in the middle of 2011. Equipped with a so-called “spacer”, the pumps in the pressure boosting systems are characterized by considerably less maintenance efforts. After removing the spacer coupling, the mechanical seal of pumps with motors with 7.5 kW or higher can be replaced without dismantling the heavy motor. This results in low maintenance and service costs. The new pressure boosting systems allow an especially economic and highly efficient water supply. Thanks to low maintenance costs, an improved total efficiency and a reduced power consumption, a dramatic reduction of life cycle costs can be achieved, states the manufacturer at the trade fair. The hydraulic manufactured with extremely precise laser welding technology allows a higher specific pressure boost with less pump stages. At the same time, flow losses are minimized with the flow-optimized design of the overall system. Components which have been optimally aligned to each other reduce the total pressure loss by up to 50%.

Flood Protection

self-priming centrifugal pump B 300 (Photo: BBA Pumps)The self-priming centrifugal pump B 300 (12”) of BBA Pumps has been designed as emergency pump for flood protection. The robust centrifugal pump achieves flow capacity of up to 1240 m³/h and a total head of up to 16 m. Maintenance for an additional motor is not required as the pump is intended to be tractor driven. The construction with open impeller and solid handling of 70 mm, changeable wear plate and large cleaning covers enables to pump clean or polluted liquids.


The BiFlow pump of Nijhuis is designed for the bi-directional use during the transfer of ballast water in ship building. The pump ensures a high efficiency in both directions and reduces times for loading and unloading of ships. The space saving in-line construction has a low noise and vibration level and achieves an output of up to 3000 m³/h.

Water Treatment and Environmental technology

The new SHB series (Photo: ASV Stübbe)The new SHB series of ASV Stübbe is a single-stage, single flow pump in a horizontal spiral casing with axial suction socket. The hydraulics and unit components coming into contact with the media are made of solid, corrosion and wear-resistant plastics. Specially designed to meet the requirements of environmental and surface technology, the SHB manages flow rates of up to 80 m³/h at heads of up to 40 meters. The new centrifugal pump is available in six sizes from 20-100 to 50-180 with drive ratings of up to 7.5 kW. Due to the consistent thermoplastic design the spiral casing has no metal armoring. This reduces production costs, improves corrosion resistance and offers a considerable economical advantage to the customer.

The LMS-ES of Lotzer & Mühlenbruch (LM Pumpen) is a horizontal spiral casing pump which is used when abrasive or aggressive media has to be pumped. The normally primed pump has an application area between -40°C to 180°C with a flow capacity of up to 2800 m³/h and a total head of up tp 150m. The high efficiency and the heavy, adjustable wear plate are some of the main advantages. Different sealing variants are available for the modular system.

The vacuum impeller integrated in the SPR Pump draws through vents in the impeller the air/fluid mix and helps to separate air and fluids. The aggregate can be used for suction operations or degassing.

The Cantilever Pumps of Salvatore Robuschi are due to their seal less design capable of handling abrasive and solid media with a temperature of up to 500°C. Thanks to the robust seal less construction, the pump has almost no maintenance costs and is dry-run safe. The suction pipe allows to empty tanks up to 5 meters in depth.

The multistage magnetically coupled centrifugal pump series RM-MS of Sondermann combines the high efficiency of a high pressure centrifugal pump with the advantages of a hermetically sealed construction. With a maximum of 3 impellers the pumps achieve heads of up to 65m. The material variations in PP, PVDF and ceramic enable an optimal resistance and ensure a reliable use whenever the pump has to handle chemical aggressive media.

The new dry-run safe magnetic pump series RM-TS of Sondermann has been equipped with a new bearing which heats up minimally due to low friction coefficients. That’s why lubrication through fluids is no longer necessary and the aggregate becomes absolutely dry-run safe while improving efficiency. The reliable, non-metallic construction offers the best chemical resistance and is suitable for use in high speed ranges.

Liquid Pumps

Liquid pumps specialist Putzmeister offers robust piston pumps for different application areas. At IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 the manufacturer displayed his solutions for handling biomass. The KOS 740 is a piston pump with a working pressure of up to 6 MPa (60 bar) and wear parts consisting of manganese high-carbon steel. The KOS pump is especially destined for handling high viscous sludge and material with high solid contents. The main application area of the KOS-Series are materials with the most extreme requirements, like de-watered sewage sludge with foreign particles, oil sludge, high-viscous materials and so on. There are numerous task-specific components and functions available for extreme use. The easy installation as well as the low number of weir parts results in a robust pump with low maintenance and operating costs. For example, it is used in the conveyance of biomass in the methanation process, which has a considerable amount of impurities, like pieces of class, bone fragments or metalwork. Thanks to the S-pipe technics those parts are no problem for this pump.

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