News from the IFAT 2010 – Part 1


Following its amalgamation with ENTSORGA, IFAT has celebrated from September 13 to 17, 2010 a successful premiere and established itself firmly as the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology. was live at the event and informs about the latest innovations.

Wastewater Pumps

Allweiler AG presented a new stator material at this year’s IFAT ENTSORGA. Alldur was specially developed for use in sewage treatment plants and for pumping abrasive wastewater. Due to the elastomer’s new chemical composition and processing methods, service life increases by up to three times. The stators are now available in all of the company’s progressing cavity pumps. Allweiler is one of the few manufacturers that produce every part of its progressing cavity pumps at its own plants in Germany. Stators of a pump are particularly important and must be carefully matched to the pumped liquid. The plant in Bottrop delivers approximately 8,500 progressing cavity pumps for sewage treatment plants every year.

The DWT Group (amongst others DAB, Alma) displayed the automatic wastewater collection and pumping stations ECOPLANT 1600 and 2000 which have been designed for the use with the ALMA RW 1500, 2000 and 2500 as well as RTL 2000 and RT 2000 pumps. The installation can be either underground or above ground. The completely removable cover facilitates the installation and inspection of the pumps. Both models are capable of pumping liquids having a maximum temperature of 40 °C. The scope of delivery includes the necessary accessories for tubing and installation of the pumps.

New high-capacity hydraulics ensure higher pressure head, bigger volume and increased efficiency for the new submersible wastewater pump ranges KX 44 to KX 108 by HOMA Pumpenfabrik. Available until DN500 discharge connection, the pumps achieve efficiencies of more than 80 percent with closed multi-channel impellers with up to 200 millimeters passage. All pumps are available for diving operations as well as – with liquid cooling jacket – dry installations, optionally also as explosion-proof version.

ITT Water & Wastewater (Flygt) was presenting its new stainless-steel and cast-iron pumps of its D 8000 and D 8200 series at IFAT ENTSORGA. They unite proven original Robot vortex impeller and robust efficient Flygt motors. Application areas of the D 8000 stainless-steel pumps which emerged from the Robot RW-R series, are in mining, power plants and in the steel, paper and chemicals industry as well as on landfill sites. They are ideally suited for corrosive applications with solids content. Although the materials that come into contact with the pumping medium are highly resistant, the impeller and hydraulics technology enables a high level of solid-substance transport.

PXFLOW series (Photo: Papantonatos)

Papantonatos introduced the new premium efficiency impeller for its PXFLOW series at IFAT ENTSORGA. Therewith efficiencies of up to 84 % can be achieved. Moreover, the new series features numerous technical details, like the closed internal liquid cooling system and the Cartdridge sealing system. The pumps have been designed for fast and easy replacement of competitor products in existing installations.

Sondex PX Pumper used the IFAT ENTSORGA to communicate the takeover of PX Pumper by Sondex to the market. Moreover, the Danish pump manufacturer has extended its product range and offers now wastewater pumps with up to 95 kW. The cooling jacket motor pumps are suitable for dry and wet installations as well as for portable use.

The submersible wastewater pumps ECO 81 to 140 of Spechtenhauser offer with the patented turbine channel impeller extreme clogging safety when conveying wastewater with solid and pulp substances as well as excrement. The robust cast-iron design is wear resistant and flood prove. High energy efficiency, low maintenance and reliability are more advantages. The pumps of the ECO series can be installed either dry (e.g. flanged to a pump chamber) or as submersible pump in the pump shaft.

high-head cutter pump of the series C-CR (Photo: Tsurumi)

The Japanese pump manufacturer Tsurumi showcased its new high-head cutter pump of the series C-CR for the first time which refers to municipal and industrial user. The new pumps are equipped with a 2-pole instead of a 4-pole motor which increases the impeller speed from 1450 to 2850 rpm. The user will notice that through the significantly greater pressure head. Even the maximum head increased to 47 meters at the most powerful of the seven new models. The used channel impeller with cutting device works highly efficient: clogging should not occur even when it comes to high solid contents. The blade consisting of ultrahard tungsten carbide is ideally for that purpose. For the new pumps Tsurumi also reverts to the proven technic of the (still build) C-Series. The patent oil lifter contributes for years that the Japanese pumps are achieving long life and are seen together with the low maintenance design as all-rounder for sewage and wastewater.

SOLID = Safe Operation Logic Impeller Design (Photo: Wilo)

A sewage pump with a new developed impeller type, which is unsusceptible to clogging while offering a high efficiency , has been presented by WILO at the IFAT ENTSORGA. The configuration SOLID (Safe Operation Logic Impeller Design) has been especially designed for the use in raw sewage which shows a particularly high degree of solid matter. Here, it can compensate application disadvantages of other standard impeller types in raw sewage applications and optimize the operation of the pumps. The new development takes into account that the amount of solids in sewage increases and that the sewage becomes more and more aggressive at the same time. The more resource-saving behavior of consumers and the use of water-saving technics have led to a continuous reduction of the water consumption per capita.

Thumbnail Picture: Logo IFAT ENTSORGA (Foto: IFAT ENTSORGA)

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