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10.12.2018: Verder Group Acquires JEC Ltd.

16.11.2018: Verder Named No. 1 in the top-100 Dutch Manufacturing Industry

18.01.2016: Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps for Reliable Watewater Performance

13.11.2015: Verder Introduces the New Double Acting High Pressure AODD

14.08.2015: Verder Group New Owner of Fullwood Packo Group

07.08.2015: Verderflex Pumps Reduce the Cost of Ownership for Paper and Packaging Manufacturer

22.06.2015: Verder Acquires Ponndorf

11.06.2015: Verderflex Launches Its New Vantage 5000 and Steptronic Range

07.05.2015: Recycling of Cars Made Green & Cleaner with Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

10.04.2015: Pumping Yeast in Wineries With Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

03.02.2015: Verder: Dosing Pumps Essential to Maintaining Chinese Semiconductor Manufacturing Growth

27.10.2014: Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps Replace Mag Drive Pumps in Water Treatment

10.09.2014: New Verderflex Dura 55 Industrial Hose Pump for Medium Flow Applications

08.08.2014: Verderflex Hose Pump Suited for Copper Sulphate Dosing

08.07.2014: Verderflex Dura Hose Pump Replaces Troubled Diaphragm Metering Pump

19.06.2014: Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps in Dairy CIP System

30.05.2014: Verder Liquids B.V. Receives the Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2014

09.05.2014: Verderflex:Pumping Polyelectrolyte in Wastewater Treatment

16.04.2014: Verder Opens New Office in India

09.04.2014: Verder Introduces Verderair HI-Clean

14.03.2014: Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps for Pumping Concrete-fibreglass Mixture

29.01.2014: Verderflex Introduces New Dura 5 and Dura 7

18.11.2013: Verderflex: Purifying Wastewater with Peristaltic Industrial Tube Pumps

20.09.2013: Accurate Dosing With Peristaltic OEM Pump

21.08.2013: Verderflex Supplies Pumps to Manufacturer of Soft Contact Lens Measurement Instrumentation

14.08.2013: Dosing Polymer with Peristaltic Pumps

19.07.2013: Less and More: Why You Should Pump Slurries with a Peristaltic Pump

10.07.2013: Verderflex Hose Pump Offers Easy Maintenance to Water Treatment Plant

20.06.2013: Verderflex Vantage 3000 Peristaltic Cased Tube Pump

04.06.2013: Pumping Glue With Peristaltic Pumps from Verder

29.05.2013: Peristaltic Pumps Play Key Role in Rectifying the pH Balance of Mine Water

22.05.2013: Verder Awarded by Frost & Sullivan for Product Differentiation Excellence

15.05.2013: The New Dura 45 Peristaltic Hose Pump from Verderflex

01.10.2012: New Series Diaphragm Pumps: Verderair VA 80

05.07.2012: New Verderflex Dura Hose Pumps

26.06.2012: New Verderair Pure Double Diaphragm Pump Range for Harsh Environments

06.06.2012: Verder Opens Distribution Office in Denmark

25.05.2012: New Verderair VA25 Muffler – No Icing, No Stops

07.03.2012: Double Diaphragm Pump Efficiency with Verderair

14.06.2011: Verder Pumps for Sioux Falls Water Purification Plant

24.03.2011: Dosing Yeast For Wine Fermentation with a Verderflex Pump

11.03.2011: Verder and Naiad Supply Kilroot Power Station with Dosing Solution

03.03.2011: Peristaltic Technology Really Pumps It Up in Coddle Creek

02.02.2011: Verder Reaches Award Finals

02.09.2010: Pumps Contribute to Cost Savings and Boost Production

14.07.2010: Two Heads Are Better Than One

25.06.2010: Peristaltic Pumps Well Worth Their Salt

22.06.2010: Verder and Naiad Offers Severn Trent the Solution

16.06.2010: Fruit Seeds No Problem For Peristaltic Pump

09.06.2010: Verder Awarded Scottish Water Framework Agreement

02.06.2010: Leading Paper Packaging Organisation Opts for VerderFlex

23.04.2010: Verder Launches Verderair Diaphragm Pump Series

16.03.2010: Verderflex Pump Wins Over Cheaper Option

10.03.2010: Verdermag to the Rescue

09.03.2010: Verderflex Pumps on the Road Again

04.03.2010: CETCO Oilfield Services Uses Verderflex for Innovative FlexTreat System

23.02.2010: Tube Pump Manufacturer Adds ISO 9001 to Its Credentials

17.02.2010: Low Maintenance Industrial Hose Pump Transfers Yeast Slurry

10.02.2010: Peristaltic Pump Is Proving Ideal for Swimming Pools

02.12.2009: Peristaltic Pumps Waste Less in Wastewater Treatment

09.11.2009: Peristaltic Pumps – Bursting the Printing Bubble

07.09.2009: New Dosing Pump from Verder

22.03.2007: Verder Group Acquires Autoclude

02.03.2005: Verder Launches E-Commerce Facility

05.11.2004: Verderflex Hoses Prove Reliability

01.07.2004: Verder UK Introduces New Website

29.07.2002: Successful Clean Up at IMI Yorkshire Fittings with VERDERFLEX