Verdermag to the Rescue


Verdermag offers a wide range of pump series, such as VMD, Global, TB, U and even self priming pumps (GPSP series). Metallic or non-metallic versions are available to complete the Verdermag range of magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps.

Verdermag to the Rescue

Verdermag Pump

Steve Banner, Verdermag Representative for the Midlands, explains what this unusual project needed: “The chemical industry is obviously vast and we can find its products and services in every area of our lives from vital medicines, food and clothing to housing, transport and communications. So the needs of the companies that supply this industry are diverse. This particular client needed a pump that could be controlled by an inverter to slow down or speed up the pump to meet the demands of the chemical filling line as required. A separate Monitor was also supplied for dry run protection. The pump was required to pump four different liquids, each with a different specific gravity so we installed the Verdermag pump series TB & U. With thrust balancing (TB) and universal purpose pumps (U) the patented Thrust Balancing Design eliminates axial thrust bearings and provides the basis for a controlled internal environment. This design minimizes the issue of secondary containment by providing secondary bearings.”

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