Peristaltic Pump Is Proving Ideal for Swimming Pools


Although only introduced last year, the Verderflex Aura peristaltic dosing pump is already making waves. This model is ideal for low flow, high pressure dosing applications and the facilities that are already benefiting from its introduction are leisure centres, swimming pools and saunas. The Aura is proving a superior alternative to reciprocating piston pumps thanks to its unobstrusive design, silent running and immunity to off-gassing and vapour locks.

Peristaltic Pump Is Proving Ideal for Swimming Pools

Verderflex Aura

Typical early users include a leading supplier of engineering services to the swimming pool industry in the UK. Its interest is in the low, constant flow of polyaluminium chloride (PAC) and to introduce essence into steam rooms, again a low dosing application. And following a successful trial at a major London health spa, the Verderflex Aura will be replacing existing piston pumps that service its spas and wet rooms. For this user, performance and price were the deciding factors.

The Aura pump features an easy to access pump head with a simple to use tube load facility for additional safety. Timed dosing and lock out functions also ensure that the correct dose is always supplied with no possibility of overdosing. It can deliver up to 80ml/min and lower rates can achieve pressures up to 4 bar or 58 psi.

In the leisure industry Verderflex Aura is suitable for a broad range of applications. Typically it is being specified for dosing sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, flocculants, fragrances and essential oils. It is also proving popular for small scale water treatment and cooling tower applications. The Aura is particularly suited to shear sensitive flocculants due to its gentle pumping action and is also tolerant of small solids and therefore not dependent on solutions being thoroughly mixed.

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