Seepex GmbH

Scharnhölzstr. 344
46240 Bottrop
Pump manufacturer

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26.10.2022: SEEPEX-Webinar SCT AutoAdjust

14.06.2022: 50 Years Innovation: Pump Specialist SEEPEX Celebrates its Anniversary

01.10.2021: Business Magazine CAPITAL Selects SEEPEX as the “Champion of the Digital Transformation”

02.07.2021: Germany-Based Family Company Seepex Joins Ingersoll Rand

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10.09.2020: Seepex Unveils Automatically Adjustable Progressive Cavity Pump

29.06.2020: SEEPEX awarded Innovation Champion Title

19.03.2020: Prepared for the future: SEEPEX gives management a broader base

25.02.2020: SEEPEX opens Sales Office Middle East in Dubai

10.12.2019: Seepex Launches Fast Ship Pump Program

24.09.2019: Seepex Introducing Smart Air Injection System

14.08.2019: Seepex Extends Smart Maintenance Concepts with Drive Joint Access for Open Hopper Pumps

12.06.2019: Seepex: New Director of Application Engineering and Director of Product and Market Management

27.02.2019: Seepex Provides Pump Technology for Clean Drinking Water

01.11.2018: Seepex Updates Service App

21.08.2002: Seepex with new Progressive Cavity Pump BTH