Big Cinema in the Sewage Treatment Plant: SEEPEX Animates the Future of Pumps

With humorous, short videos, SEEPEX now shows what a next-generation wastewater treatment plant might look like.
Big Cinema in the Sewage Treatment Plant: SEEPEX Animates the Future of Pumps

The future of wastewater treatment plants is digital. (Image source: SEEPEX GmbH)

The animations provide a look into the digital solutions of the Bottrop market leader, i.e. the operation, maintenance and servicing of pumps in the "near future". With a wink of the eye, and with events a bit wacky, the otherwise rather mundane, technical pump solutions are being presented in a cinematic form.

The amusing short films are intended to make the digital SEEPEX products accessible in an entertaining way. In the "Digital Wastewater Treatment Plant 4.0” mini-series, for example, SEEPEX sends viewers on a fantastic journey into the future, into a new world of great freedom from maintenance. Until the happy ending of the 90-second film, the viewer becomes acquainted with a high-tech wastewater treatment plant whose employees are not of this real world either. Cool sunglasses turn out to be a display with the latest info on pump performance. In addition, the maintenance avatar always has all of the functions available on screen on his tablet and on the master display: Check...stop! SEEPEX Connected Services warn him that the stator needs to be changed in two days. With a casual turn of the chair, he clicks on the SEEPEX shop, slides the spare part into the shopping cart, and just a short time later a busy drone hovers in with a large SEEPEX package attached to it. Everything is running smoothly. Precision landing!

Thanks to SEEPEX, the wastewater treatment plant operator can dream blissfully in the sequel. The focus is on pumps that correct themselves, as it were, adapting to changed process conditions or detecting impending malfunctions and avoiding them in a fully automated manner. For this, the employee does not even have to get up from his or her warm bed. The digital SEEPEX technology regulates everything fully automatically and will be able to put a lot more things right in the near future. Ready for the movies.

The amusing future melody, composed of many good SEEPEX ideas such as Connected Services, SCT AutoAdjust, Easy Maintenance and a little science fiction, promises to be great cinema. So everything is clear, then, in the wastewater treatment plant. To be continued.

Source: Seepex GmbH

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