Seepex with new Progressive Cavity Pump BTH


The new BTH pump belongs to the well-known seepex open hopper pumps of the group T, that are used to handle very viscous products with minimal flowability in almost all industries. They incorporate an open hopper and feed auger on the inlet side of the pump, and other devices to enhance product feeding.

Seepex with new Progressive Cavity Pump BTH

(Source: Seepex)

Special feature of the new BTH pump design is the separately driven concentric rotating ribbon auger with a maximized diameter and a long pitch.

Benefits of the new BTH pump

The new BTH range pump combines the many benefits of all the designs within the group T. By means of separate control of the conveying screw speed, the BTH pump can be used for almost any conveying media. Even media which tend to bridge can be handled with ease by the large screw diameter of the BTH pump. Because reduction of the screw speed minimizes shearing, the BTH range is the technically optimal solution for shear sensitive liquids.

The optimal design of both feed hopper and the auger technology offers enhances automated operation with computer aided control systems, guaranteeing a consistent, efficient operation with only minimal operation and maintenance personnel involved. With its modular design and its adaptability to the most varied conveying and mixing requirements, the new BTH pump sets new, higher technical standards, with significant reductions in both initial investment and whole life costs.


The vertical hopper walls and the completely new variable speed auger technology make BTH pumps ideal for most applications for transfering and metering viscous products. They can be used for handling dewatered sludges in environmental applications as well as for the transport media with poor flow properties in the pulp and paper, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The new BTH range pump eliminates the specific disadvantages of conventional conveying systems. In environmental applications, handling of dewatered sludges with a DS content up to 45% with metering accuracy is now possible for flow rates lower than 0.5 m³/h (2 gpm).

The modular design of the BTH pump consists of 5 sizes and allows flow rates up to 50 m³/h at differential pressures of max. 36 bar.

Source: Seepex GmbH

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