Almatec Maschinenbau GmbH

Hochstraße 150-152
477228 Duisburg
Pump manufacturer

26.08.2020: Almatec Introduces New ADX Series Stainless-Steel AODD Pumps

09.08.2019: Almatec Extends Line of C-Series AODD Pumps with New C 40 and C 50 Models

14.11.2018: Almatec Announces Headquarters Relocation to Accommodate Company Growth

08.08.2018: Almatec Launches New C-Series AODD Pumps

15.05.2018: Almatec Releases New MM Series AODD Pumps

07.03.2016: Almatec AODD Pumps Receive 1935/2004/EC Certification

12.09.2013: Specialized Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps for Chemical Supply and Circulation Applications

20.02.2012: Almatec Quattroflow Pharmaceutical Pumps

05.01.2012: Almatec BIOCOR Series Pumps Provide Sterile, Superior Performance in Pharmaceutical Applications

07.10.2011: Almatec Announces Launch of its FUTUR-Omega Series Pumps

01.08.2011: Almatec Adds B40 Model to Biocor Series Pumps

08.06.2011: Almatec BIOCOR Series Pumps Maximize Output for Food Processors

04.05.2011: Pumps With Solid Body Construction Ideal for Solar-Cell Manufacturing

15.10.2010: Plastic Pump Diaphragms Set the Standard In Liquid-Transfer Applications

23.09.2010: Almatec E-Series Pumps Earn Innovation Award

14.09.2010: Almatec AD 6 Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump Meets the Needs of Laboratory Operations

11.08.2010: Almatec BIOCOR Series Feature Unique Diaphragms, Ball Valves and Air Control System

20.07.2010: Optional Features Allow Pumps To Display Versatility in Chemical-Handling Applications

12.07.2010: Almatec CX Series Diaphragm Pumps Ideal For Low- to Medium-Duty General Applications

25.03.2010: BIOCOR Series Aseptic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps Meet Strict Sanitary Standards In Food Applications

03.02.2010: Plastic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pumps Ideal for Handling Abrasive Liquids

05.01.2010: Almatec Utilizes Unique PERSWING P Air-Control System

16.12.2009: Almatec AH Series Diaphragm Pumps

04.12.2009: Almatec Utilizes Solid-Body Construction To Enhance the Performance of its E-Series Pumps

20.11.2009: Almatec BIOCOR Pumps Meet the Sanitary Needs of Pharmaceutical Applications

21.10.2009: Almatec E-Series Pumps Offer Increased Energy Efficiency and Improved Performance

12.10.2009: Almatec CHEMICOR Metal Pneumatic Pumps for Numerous Chemical-Handling Applications

25.01.2002: ALMATEC: Mobile Pumping Stations