Almatec Utilizes Unique PERSWING P Air-Control System


Almatec has created its new E-Series Plastic Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps with numerous design advantages, making them the new standard in pumping excellence.

Almatec Utilizes Unique PERSWING P Air-Control System


One of the components that gives the E-Series pumps their industry-leading capabilities is the presence of Almatec’s unique PERSWING P air-control system and valves. This metal-free, pneumatically pilot-operated system ensures accurate reversal of the main piston and is characterized by low noise levels. The PERSWING P air-control has only two moving parts, guaranteeing reliable operation. The new E-Series pumps are lube-free and do not require lubrication. Another added benefit is that the air-control system is designed for easy replacement if necessary.

In addition, the E-Series pumps are equipped with ball valves that are robust and insensitive to media containing solids since they only form a linear seal within the valve seat. The valves are constructed of EPDM, PTFE, NBR and stainless steel, depending on the pump’s application. The use of stainless-steel ball valves is recommended for high-viscosity media. Cylinder valves made of PTFE are also available. The new E-Series pumps have strong priming capabilities and provide very consistent and accurate flow.

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