Vesconite Bearings

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South Africa
Component manufacturer

30.05.2024: Vesconite Hilube Bearings Resilient in Hypochlorite Environment

08.05.2024: Vesconite Hilube Bearings Increasingly Popular in the Mexican Pump Industry

18.08.2023: Hitemp 160 Pump Bushings Successfully Tested in Harsh Fuming Sulphuric Acid

25.05.2023: Simpler Aeration Pump Design Reduces Maintenance Requirements

01.03.2023: New Labyrinth Seals Avoid Galling and Failures

20.02.2023: Vesconite Labyrinth Seal Improves Desalination Pump Performance

07.12.2022: Vesconite Aids With Plant Cooling

27.07.2022: WRAS Approves Vesconite’s Hitemp 160

21.03.2022: Geothermal Plant to Install New Hitemp 160 Bearings

17.02.2022: Vesconite’s Lead-Free Solutions to Reduce Lead Exposures

20.01.2022: WRAS Approves Vesconite’s Hitemp 150

18.11.2021: Pump Bearings Going Strong After Ten Years

25.08.2021: Texas Pump Manufacturer Orders Vesconite Bushings for New Range

30.06.2021: New High-Temperature Bearing Material

04.06.2021: New Electrical Isolation Pads Make SX Plants Safer

27.05.2021: Vesconite Bearings Announces Managing Director for European Subsidiary

26.04.2021: Vesconite Deflector Protects Pump Value

29.01.2021: Pump Containing Hitemp 160 is now SABS Certified

23.10.2020: More Efficient Pumps Easily Achieved with New Wear Rings

21.07.2020: Vesconite Engineered Polymer Used in Condensate Pumps

30.04.2020: Vesconite Bearings: Quick payback on wear ring

11.03.2020: Engineers add to Vesconite’s competitive advantage

24.02.2020: Pump restarts successfully after closed period

22.01.2020: Vesconite Hitemp 150 Without a Scratch for One Year

12.09.2019: Vesconite Wear Rings Offer Pump Operating Advantage

09.09.2019: Water Flinger Adopted by Pump Manufacturer

24.06.2019: Vesconite Bearings: 5000-Unit Blanket Order in Place

03.12.2018: Beefed Up Representation for Vesconite Bearings in USA

27.08.2018: Polymer Vanes Last 3 Times as Long in Vacuum Rotary Pump

07.06.2018: Italian Trip Planned by Vesconite

02.03.2018: Vesconite Appoints New German Strategic Account Manager

15.02.2018: Vesconite Borehole Spiders Continue to Perform

30.11.2016: Vesconite Hilube Bearings Continue to Perform in Condensate Pump

14.10.2016: Vesconite Bearings Tenders for Large Pump Bearings Supply