Pump Containing Hitemp 160 is now SABS Certified

A pump containing three sleeve bearings made from a new bearing material, Hitemp 160 − which can operate to temperatures up to 160°C and is resistant to abrasive material − has been tested in a pump that has received South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) certification.
Pump Containing Hitemp 160 is now SABS Certified

Vesconite Bearings pump applications specialist Phillip de Villiers informs that a pump containing a new bearing material, Hitemp 160, has been SABS certified. (Image source: Vesconite Bearings)

Vesconite Bearings pump applications specialist Phillip de Villiers informs that the pump as a whole, rather than its novel bearings, were the subject of the testing procedure carried out by the SABS, the institution responsible for the promotion and maintenance of standards within South Africa.

He is pleased that the pump has been proved to operate well under the conditions specified.

The pump is part of a range of large vertical spindle suction pumps that are to be primarily used in the mining industry. Because of its new design, its importance in the mines that will use it, and the quality-assurance requirements of the manufacturer and purchaser, certification that the pump was safe and fit for purpose was imperative.

“The pump manufacturer tested and later included our proprietary Hitemp 160 material, which has excellent abrasive properties, negligible water swell and allows the pump to run dry periodically,” states De Villiers.

“Having a material that could aid in the pump’s need to run dry occasionally for short periods of time was a priority, and our material could serve that need in this specific application,” he says.

The new material fills a gap in the market for high-temperature bearings that are able to operate to 160°C in immersed conditions.

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