Texas Pump Manufacturer Orders Vesconite Bushings for New Range

Some 2,000 pump bushings have been ordered for a new vertical turbine range that is being developed by a Texas pump manufacturer.
Texas Pump Manufacturer Orders Vesconite Bushings for New Range

Vesconite Hilube bushings will come as standard components in seven models of pumps made by a Texas pump manufacturer. (Image source: Vesconite Bearings)

The pump manufacturer has been a client of Vesconite Bearings since June 2012, ordering wear-resistant Vesconite Hilube bushings for applications that call for small clearances in sometimes abrasive conditions. With the design of the new range, the manufacturer will include Vesconite Hilube polymer plain bearings as standard components in seven models.

"Some 30 bushings of different sizes have been requested for different pump stages," says pump technical consultant Charlie Simpson. "Samples of these have been delivered for approval, and between 25 and 100 units of the individual bushings will be delivered next month," he adds.

The pump manufacturer has about 75 pump models and stocks a wide range of replacement parts for these. It specialises in providing pumps that meet the custom needs of its clients.

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