Hamworthy Pumps Continues to Deliver Quality Pumps to SBM Offshore

Hamworthy Pumps has been a supplier of large capacity pumps to the offshore industry for a long time. The C42B pumps for SBM operate as Sea Water Lift Pumps on the FPSO Cidade de Paraty and play a critical role in their operations.
Hamworthy Pumps Continues to Deliver Quality Pumps to SBM Offshore

Hamworthy Pumps continues to deliver quality pumps to SBM Offshore (Image source: Hamworty Pumps)

SBM Offshore needed an overhaul of their pumps, but then engaged with Hamworthy Pumps to look at replacements, so they could have spare units to safeguard their operations. They also wanted to look at upgrading the materials of the pump, including a super duplex casing, impeller, and ceramic coating of the internal wetted parts, to prolong the service life of the pumps.

Hamworthy Pumps were able to comply with these requests and SBM were pleased with the level of service. Hamworthy Pumps also had one complete casing in stock which was offered to SBM Offshore at a short lead time. This helped to ensure continued operation for the client and no downtime occurred.

Hamworthy Pumps received an order for three off replacement C42BB pumps for the FPSO Cidade de Paraty operating in the Santos basin. These pumps operate at a duty of 2,694 m3/h @ 113m H for sea water lift service. The pumps are also offered in upgraded materials compared to the originals after discussions with the engineering team at SBM Offshore on how to prolong the service life of the pumps. The upgrades include super duplex impellers, super duplex shaft, composite (peek) wear rings, and internal ceramic coating of the pump casing and cover.

The order was completed with the potential additional orders of spare parts to come.

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