Xylem Launches New Lowara 1300 Series Submersible Pumps


Xylem is launching the Lowara 1300 Series, a new range of submersible pumps specifically designed for sewage and surface water operations in commercial building, light industrial and municipal applications.

The new range is available with both non-clog and vortex impellers to enable ideal specification for applications, such as sewage and surface wastewater pumping for the commercial building sector. Non-clog impellers feature a rip vane on the back edge for removing stringy solids, and has auto-cleanse capabilities that prevent debris buildup – common in sewage applications. Reduction in this buildup improves product efficiency, reduces energy consumption, downtime and maintenance, and extends the life of the pump.

“The demand for reliable, submersible pumps for the commercial building sector has steadily been on the rise,” said Peter Wright, Market Segment Director, Residential and Specialty, Xylem. “The Lowara 1300 Series answers this need in the industry. The product’s non-clog technology has been developed and tested in the harshest environments around the world, offering superior durability and performance.

The Lowara 1300 Series has a minimum of F-class insulation, enabling it to run continuously without overheating. To cool itself and maximize run-time, the pump uses the surrounding liquid.

The pumps can handle 15 starts per hour in 40°C ambient temperature without issue and are constructed from hard wearing materials for extended durability. Double mechanical seals ensure reliability and leakage protection. Additionally, a leakage sensing device extends into the motor chamber located between the outer and inner seal to detect the presence of water, should the outer seal fail. If water enters the motor chamber, a warning signal is provided prior to water level reaching the bearing or the motor to prevent damage.

To make pump selection faster and simpler, the pump specification process for the Lowara 1300 Series has been reduced to three simple steps: 1 – pump model selection; 2 – pump configuration, with reference to the selection tables; and 3 – accessory kit selection. The process is made even easier with Xylect, Xylem’s industry-leading online selection software that enables project management, configurations and quotations for Xylem’s Lowara, Flygt and Godwin brands.

“Easy specification is essential in the commercial buildings market, and with Xylect, pump users can get the right pump for their application, quickly,” Wright added.

In addition, the 1300 series features three different installation methods, as it can be specified with a: wet-well kit; a replacement kit that enables the easy replacement or upgrading of an existing pump; or a free-standing kit for portability that includes a hose connection and stand.

The 1300 series comes in five different models from 0,75 kW up to 18 kW with a maximum flow up to 414 m3/h and a head of up to 63 meters. Multiple motor ratings are available to match impellers performance, enabling professionals to choose the right control panel size to optimize costs.

Source: Xylem Inc.

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