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10.07.2024: SIWW 2024: Xylem CEO Matthew Pine on Transitioning to a Water-Secure World

10.06.2024: Xylem Scales Sustainability Impacts with New Water Stewardship Commitments

04.06.2024: Xylem Unveils Multi-Year Growth Strategy at 2024 Investor Day

16.05.2024: Xylem Unveils a Pioneering Bavarian Beer Made from Treated Wastewater

13.05.2024: Xylem Reports First Quarter 2024 Results and Raises Full-Year Guidance

03.05.2024: Richmond Utility Uses Real-Time Analytics for Plan to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

26.04.2024: Partnering to Make Holiday Parks More Efficient and Sustainable

17.04.2024: Mobile Technology Helps US Water Utilities Achieve Compliance with New PFAS Rules

12.04.2024: Yorkshire Water Eradicates Wastewater Pump Blockages with Intelligent Pumping System

08.04.2024: Innovative Solution Supports Freshwater Mussel Restoration for Tribal Communities

02.04.2024: Xylem and Dunea Develop First Sequential Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) System

28.03.2024: Continuous Monitoring of a Hydropower Project Reveals Massive Swings in Carbon Emissions

26.03.2024: Hydrologist Taikan Oki Wins the 2024 Stockholm Water Prize

21.03.2024: Historic Project Linking Rome and Vatican City Uses Advanced Technology and Local Knowledge

18.03.2024: Global Omnium Turns Smart Meter Data into Actionable Insights with Xylem Vue Powered by GoAigua

14.03.2024: Treatment Plant Maintains Service During Infrastructure Upgrade Using Xylem Rental Bypass

12.03.2024: Charlotte Partnership Announces the Carolinas’ First Beer Brewed with Recycled Water

08.03.2024: Finland’s Oldest and Still Operational Shipyard Gets High-Tech Pumping Solution

05.03.2024: New Wave of Startups Scale Innovation to Solve Global Water Challenges

28.02.2024: Radhika Fox Appointed Senior Advisor at Xylem

27.02.2024: Xylem Teams Up with Partners and Communities Globally to Accelerate Progress on Water Security

08.02.2024: Xylem Reports Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year 2023 Results

22.01.2024: Xylem Signs Publiacqua Contract to Support Italy’s Sustainable Water Future

04.01.2024: U.S. Water Utilities Deploy PFAS Treatment Technologies to Safeguard Drinking Water for Communities

19.12.2023: Xylem Announces Reportable Segment Change to Scale Global Services Offering

15.12.2023: Scottish Water Reduces Energy Consumption by 60% with Sustainable Water Technology

08.12.2023: Nairobi Water Project Tops Fan Vote in ‘2023 Water Heroes Academy’

05.12.2023: Xylem and Manchester City Team Up to Drive Water Sustainability in Football

21.11.2023: Xylem’s Flojet Brand Launches Inline Gas Infuser for the Global Beverage Market

06.11.2023: Xylem Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results

18.10.2023: Findlay Township Water Utility Quickly Identifies Leaks with Acoustic Monitoring

26.09.2023: Xylem and Lorentz Partner to Accelerate Deployment of Solar-Powered Pumping Solutions

14.09.2023: New Four-chamber Pump Brings New Capabilities to Flojet Industrial Offering

11.09.2023: Xylem Announces CEO Succession Aligned with Growth Strategy

29.08.2023: Naomi Park from USA wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2023

10.08.2023: Xylem Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results

27.06.2023: Young Innovators from 78 Countries Develop New Solutions to World’s Water Challenges

23.06.2023: Xylem’s New High-Pressure Dewatering Pump Delivers Savings of up to 10% and Reduces Carbon Emissions

22.06.2023: Xylem Introduces “Series e-SVI” Immersible Multistage Pump Offering in North America

14.06.2023: 18 Water Utility Experts Share Playbook for Digital Transformation and Community Impact

06.06.2023: Xylem Completes Acquisition of Evoqua

31.05.2023: Global Water and Wastewater Utilities Take Aim at Climate Change

23.05.2023: Water Operators Enabled to Cut CO2e Emissions by 2.8 Million Metric Tons Using Xylem Technology

11.05.2023: Xylem Reports First Quarter 2023 Results

29.03.2023: 17 Innovators Highlight Investment to Solve Global Water Challenges

24.03.2023: Buffalo Sewer Authority Saves $145 Million, Cuts Pollution with Smart Sewer Technology

20.03.2023: Manchester City Football Club and Xylem Encourage Fans to Call for Action on Untreated Wastewater

09.03.2023: Xylem Appoints Earl Ellis to Board of Directors

27.02.2023: Xylem and Partners Volunteer 157,000 Hours Toward Solving Water and Sustainability Challenges in 2022

22.02.2023: Next Generation of Innovators Step Up to Tackle World’s Biggest Water Challenges

15.02.2023: Xylem Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2022 Earnings

10.02.2023: Xylem and Manchester City Football Club Bring Two New Water Filtration Towers in Cape Coast, Ghana

03.02.2023: Xylem Invites the Building Industry to Partner for a More Sustainable Future

26.01.2023: Xylem To Acquire Evoqua in $7.5 Billion All-Stock Transaction

30.11.2022: Manchester City And Xylem Call to Vote for Young Water Heroes Tackling Global Water Issues

28.11.2022: Youth Innovators Step Up to Help Communities Around the World Solve Urgent Water Challenges

04.11.2022: Xylem Reports Third Quarter 2022 Results

19.10.2022: Water Utilities Set the Pace in Race to Reduce Carbon Emissions

05.10.2022: Pablo Zabaleta and the Premier League Trophy celebrate launch of expanded Xylem Water Heroes Academy

06.09.2022: Canadian Annabelle M. Rayson wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2022

08.08.2022: Xylem Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results

30.06.2022: Student Innovators From 51 Countries Compete to Solve Global Water Issues

22.06.2022: Water Leaders Launch New Center to Accelerate Action on Global Water and Sustainability Challenges

13.06.2022: Xylem Showcases Suite of Digital Solutions

08.06.2022: Manchester City FC, Xylem Extend Multi-Year Global Partnership to Tackle Water Challenges

03.06.2022: 500 Billion Gallons of Water Prevented from Flooding Communities in 2021 Using Xylem Technology

25.05.2022: Xylem Wins for “Net Zero” Leadership at Global Water Awards

11.05.2022: Xylem Reports First Quarter 2022 Results

21.04.2022: Xylem Invests $20M in Venture Capital Funds to Support Early-Stage Water Technology Development

12.04.2022: Xylem’s New Smart Wastewater Treatment Solution Cuts Operating Costs and Reduces Energy Use by 25 Percent

30.03.2022: Xylem Celebrates 5 Million Flygt Pumps

16.03.2022: Xylem to Move Global Headquarters to Washington, D.C.

23.02.2022: Students Compete for Cash Prizes in Global Innovation Challenge to Solve Water Issues

22.02.2022: Surprise for Participants at Manchester City’s Community Football and Water Project in Buenos Aires

18.02.2022: Xylem Earns Top Score for Workplace Equality from Human Rights Campaign

16.02.2022: Yatin Tayalia Appointed Managing Director of Xylem India

08.02.2022: Xylem Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2021 Earnings

02.02.2022: Xylem Appoints Mark Morelli to Board of Directors

26.01.2022: Xylem Clocks 113,000 Volunteer Hours in 2021

12.01.2022: Xylem and Isle Utilities Partner to Help Water Utilities Pilot and Scale Innovative Water Technology

17.12.2021: Xylem Partners with UNICEF to Create a Brighter Future for 3.4 Million Children in India

24.11.2021: Xylem Solution to Help Optimize Water System Operations, Water Quality, Energy and Operating Costs

15.11.2021: Man City and Xylem Call on All Football Fans to Vote for Top “Water Heroes”

11.11.2021: Xylem: Global Water Utilities Could Cut GHG Emissions by 50 Percent

09.11.2021: Xylem Reports Third Quarter 2021 Results

28.10.2021: Xylem Expands Partnership with Imagine H2O to Support Water Innovation Entrepreneurs

26.10.2021: Xylem Calls on Water Sector to Join “Race to Zero” Emissions Commitment

22.10.2021: Xylem Reach Conference: Utility Industry Leaders to Examine How Technology Helps Maximize Value

21.10.2021: Walla Walla, Washington Grows Beyond Metering with Xylem

19.10.2021: Berea College First Higher Education Institution to Bring Hydroelectric Power to Region

15.10.2021: Legendary Football Coach Pep Guardiola Supports Xylem to Advance Water Sustainability

12.10.2021: Xylem, Dragos Partner to Bring Cybersecurity Leadership to Water Utilities

05.10.2021: Xylem Reaffirms Growth Strategy and Digital Leadership at 2021 Investor Day

27.09.2021: Data Science Helps Raleigh Water Avoid Digging Up The Streets

20.09.2021: Smart Sewer Technology Satisfies EPA Consent Decree

25.08.2021: Xylem’s Dr. Lindsay Birt Featured as the Winner of US Water Prize 2021

20.08.2021: Xylem Expands Investment In Next Generation Of Water Innovators

06.08.2021: Xylem Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results

20.07.2021: Xylem’s New Lamella Clarifier Cuts Treatment Clarification Costs

13.07.2021: Xylem Engages First 1,700 Students in Global Youth Program

06.07.2021: Guardiola Sala Foundation To Address Sustainable Water Management

23.06.2021: Partnership Delivers Clean Water and Sanitation to 3.5 Million People in 2020

21.06.2021: Xylem Breakthrough Achieves Huge Energy Savings in Industrial Dewatering

15.06.2021: Xylem Wins 2021 Global Water Award for Orly Drinking Water Plant Modernization

11.06.2021: Wastewater Treatment Plant Cuts Energy Use With New Biological Treatment System

07.06.2021: Sustainability Report: 1 Trillion Gallons of Water Being Recycled Using Xylem Technology

04.05.2021: Intelligent Urban Watershed Technology to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

30.04.2021: Wastewater Treatment Plant Uses AI to Reduce Aeration Energy Use

27.04.2021: Xylem and ESRI: Innovative AI Pipeline Analysis Model

30.03.2021: City in Washington State Reduces Non-Revenue Water by 50 Percent

29.03.2021: Xylem Solution Helps Italian Water Agency Lower Borehole Pump Energy Use

26.03.2021: Freshwater Thought Leader Sandra Postel Awarded 2021 Stockholm Water Prize

26.02.2021: Partnership between Xylem and Planet Water Foundation Reaches New Milestone

11.02.2021: Xylem Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2020 Earnings

10.02.2021: Flygt Prefabricated Pump Station Solves Wastewater Challenges at Fairgrounds

03.02.2021: Sensus Technology Helps California Water Utility Improve Efficiency During the Pandemic

02.02.2021: Xylem Earns Top Marks For Equality From Human Rights Campaign

14.01.2021: Xylem Donates Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Essential Workers

12.01.2021: Xylem Technologies Assess Pipeline Without Disrupting Service

08.01.2021: Lighthouse Award for Innovation in Communication and Partnerships

06.01.2021: Indian Beach Awarded Blue Flag with Xylem’s Water Monitoring Solution

05.01.2021: Xylem Named to Newsweek’s America’s Most Responsible Companies 2021

25.11.2020: Intelligent pumping system solves clogging at Sochi Olympic Park

24.11.2020: Xylem Brand Sensus Wins Anglian Water Award

19.11.2020: World Toilet Day: The Right to Sanitation Should Be Anchored in EU Law

17.11.2020: Ozone Solution Disinfects Wastewater Up To 99.9 Percent

13.11.2020: PolluStat Meter to Enhance Thermal Energy Management in Europe

10.11.2020: Xylem Reports Third Quarter 2020 Results

09.11.2020: Wastewater Pumping Station Cuts Energy Use by 35 Percent with Flygt Concertor

15.10.2020: Smart utility network to help Anglian Water tackle water shortages

24.09.2020: Xylem Funds WEF Chief Medical Officer to Protect Water Professionals During COVID-19 and Beyond

21.09.2020: Real-time water monitoring helps protect the Pa Sak River in Thailand

17.09.2020: Smart Utility Network Helps City Reduce Annual Water Loss

10.09.2020: New Distributor for Jabsco and Rule Branded Marine Pumps in Iceland

08.09.2020: Xylem Delivers more than 100,000 Face Shields to Front-Line Workers

02.09.2020: Japanese team wins Stockholm Junior Water Prize 2020

24.08.2020: Xylem Restores Critical Water Supply to North Carolina City During COVID-19 Outbreak

19.08.2020: Helping Solve Water at a Dedicated Coronavirus Hospital in Russia

17.08.2020: Xylem Solves Vibration Problem in Wastewater Pumping Station

14.08.2020: Xylem’s Latest Stage V-Compliant Pumps to Launch Ahead of EU Regulation Deadline

05.08.2020: Xylem Appoints Two New Board Members

04.08.2020: Xylem Reports Second Quarter 2020 Results

03.08.2020: Water Treatment Plant Uses Innovative Technology to Protect Local Ecosystem

27.07.2020: Xylem Updates Second Quarter Results

22.07.2020: Xylem Announces CFO Retirement, Appoints Sandra Rowland

21.07.2020: Xylem’s Rapid Response after Storm Hit Southeastern Spain in 2019

20.07.2020: Xylem Sewage Bypass System Uses Remote Monitoring to Increase Efficiency

06.07.2020: WEF Names Dr. Andrew Sanderson as Chief Medical Officer To Protect Health and Safety of Wastewater Workforce

01.07.2020: Xylem ranks in Top 20 among 100 Best Corporate Citizens, globally

23.06.2020: Xylem reports broad sustainability advances, beats greenhouse gas reduction target by more than 40 percent

16.06.2020: Oslo detects leaks in water pipeline using advanced Xylem technology

11.06.2020: Xylem’s temporary fire protection system enables fire pump room upgrade

03.06.2020: Xylem and UNICEF partner to provide COVID-19 relief and safe water for children, families in vulnerable communities around the world

28.05.2020: Xylem’s pumps and expertise support UAE after unprecedented rainwater flooding

19.05.2020: Xylem Reports First Quarter 2020 Results

18.05.2020: Xylem: Handling hospital wastewater with care

30.04.2020: Xylem partners with Americares for COVID-19 response and global health work

11.03.2020: Innovative organic shrimp farm in the Alps uses Xylem pump solution

06.03.2020: National swimming complex in Budapest gets emergency pumping solution from Xylem

27.02.2020: Manchester City and Xylem tackle Water and Education Issues in Bangalore with Fan Volunteers

14.02.2020: Xylem Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-year 2019 Earnings

31.01.2020: DHL Global Forwarding partners with Xylem Watermark for critical aid shipments and humanitarian logistics support around the world

20.01.2020: Xylem Expands Regional Headquarters in Singapore with new Technology Hub

10.01.2020: Singapore’s Island Resort gets Modern Wastewater Management

20.12.2019: Xylem Named one of America’s Most JUST Companies for 2020

16.12.2019: New Beijing Airport Calls on Xylem to Deliver “Green City”

11.12.2019: Xylem Reports Third Quarter Earnings Growth and Margin Expansion

21.11.2019: Xylem Bell & Gossett Reopens Renovated Little Red Schoolhouse

12.11.2019: Water Sustainability in Focus as Swedish Prime Minister Visits Xylem

25.10.2019: Xylem’s Flygt Pump Helps Wash 250,000 Tons of Tomatoes a Year

09.10.2019: Xylem Continues to Drive the Digitization of Water with Latest Additions to Godwin Smart Pumps

25.09.2019: Xylem Launches High-Efficiency UV Disinfection System for the Aquaculture Industry

20.09.2019: Xylem and Planet Water Foundation Set to Bring Safe Drinking Water to Half a Million People Annually

11.09.2019: Flygt Pump Operates for 34 Maintenance-Free Years at Lebanon Beach Resort

09.09.2019: Xylem Expands Flygt Adaptive Mixers Range With New Compact Model

23.08.2019: Xylem Reports Solid Earnings Growth on Five Percent Organic Revenue Increase

20.08.2019: Fish Farm Achieves Optimal Water Conditions with Flygt Pumps

24.07.2019: Xylem Advances Commitment to Sustainability, Announcing Ambitious Slate of 2025 Signature Goals

22.07.2019: Xylem Unveils New Flygt Stainless Steel Submersible Pump for Toughest Industrial Applications

03.07.2019: Xylem: Building Support for Recycled Water with “Reuse Brew”

26.06.2019: White Paper Maps Digital Adoption Trends and Identifies Key Learnings to Help Drive Migration

20.06.2019: Solving Sedimentation Problems in Stormwater Detention Basins

07.06.2019: Xylem Launches New Dry-Pit Pump Testing Facility in Sweden

24.05.2019: Limited Edition of Celebration Beer Made with Purified Rainwater Collected at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium

08.05.2019: Xylem Reports First Quarter 2019 Results

17.04.2019: Measuring Greenland Ice Melt with Xylem’s SonTek Technology

15.04.2019: Xylem Launches new Godwin S Series

11.04.2019: Jorge M. Gomez Appointed to Xylem Board of Directors

08.04.2019: Xylem Launches New Dry-Pit Pump Testing Facility in Sweden

28.03.2019: Xylem Holds Third Annual “Make Your Mark 30-Day Challenge” to Raise Awareness of World Water Day

11.03.2019: Xylem Handbook: Solving Stormwater Management Challenges

07.03.2019: Cityzens Giving ‘Water Goals’ Project Will Benefit Over 5,000 Children This Year

06.03.2019: Sewer Bypass Solution Delivered in France in One Week

20.02.2019: Xylem Launches Enhanced Flygt 4460 Submersible Biogas Mixer

13.02.2019: Xylem Reports Strong Revenue, Orders and Earnings Growth in Fourth Quarter 2018

07.02.2019: Safe Water Project Will Benefit Over 5,000 Children in Bangalore, India

16.01.2019: Bell & Gossett to Showcase New Line of HVAC Pumps

05.12.2018: Xylem Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Ethiopia

29.11.2018: Xylem Launches New Compact High-efficiency Turbo Blower

09.11.2018: Xylem Reports Strong Quarter

10.10.2018: Xylem CEO to Highlight Opportunity to Address Asia’s Water Challenges at WaterLinks Forum in Manila

30.08.2018: Students from Singapore Take Top Honor at the Prestigious Stockholm Junior Water Prize

24.08.2018: Xylem Named to Fortune “Change the World” List

13.08.2018: Xylem Reports Eight Percent Increase in Organic Revenue and Orders, and Strong Double-Digit Growth in 2nd Quarter 2018 Earnings

18.07.2018: Manchester City Announces New Global Partnership with Xylem

28.05.2018: Xylem’s Ozone Technology to Deliver Reliable Drinking Water at Lowest Possible Life Cycle Cost in Grand Forks, North Dakota

16.05.2018: Xylem Reports 7 % Organic Revenue Increase and Strong Double-Digit Growth in 1. Quarter 2018 Earnings

08.05.2018: Xylem Brings Together Leading Water Industry Experts to Discuss Modernizing Water Infrastructure at May 17th Summit

02.05.2018: Xylem Technology to be Used in PureWater Colorado Direct Potable Reuse Demonstration Project

26.04.2018: Xylem’s New Adaptable Wastewater Mixer Delivers Next-Level Mixing Efficiency

18.04.2018: Xylem Technology to Be Used in PureWater Colorado Direct Potable Reuse Demonstration Project

27.03.2018: Xylem Calls for Improved Water Resource Data Collection and Sharing

16.02.2018: Xylem Announces Acquisition of EmNet, LLC

01.02.2018: Xylem Announces New Pump Rental and Services Hub in Philippines as Part of Southeast Asia Expansion Plan

16.01.2018: Xylem Launches New Energy Efficient Aerobic Digester Solution

08.01.2018: Student Team from India Wins Xylem Water Prize

18.12.2017: Xylem to Acquire Pure Technologies, a Leader in Smart Infrastructure Assessment And Management for the Water Industry

19.10.2017: Xylem Announces a Full Commitment to Final Tier 4 (FT4) Beginning with the Godwin S Series

12.10.2017: Matthew Latino Appointed Director, Investor Relations for Xylem

09.10.2017: Xylem and Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Extend Successful Research Partnership

28.09.2017: Colin Sabol Appointed President of Xylem’s Sensus & Analytics Businesses

01.09.2017: Xylem Joins Water Industry Leaders and Policy Influencers at World Water Week 2017 to Advance Water and Wastewater Management Practices

24.08.2017: Xylem Wins Contracts Worth $4.8m to Deliver Energy-Efficient UV Treatment Solutions

09.08.2017: Xylem Selected to Provide Advanced UV Disinfection Technology to Support First UV Drinking Water Treatment Application in Florida

24.07.2017: Xylem Opens New Innovation Center in Italy to Accelerate the Development of Next-Generation Pumping Technologies for Residential and Commercial Buildings

03.07.2017: Xylem Publishes its 2016 Sustainability Report: Why We Solve Water

21.06.2017: Xylem Launches Enhanced Compact Wastewater Pump Range with Patented Adaptive N Technology

08.06.2017: Xylem Affirms its Strong Support for the Paris Climate Agreement

01.06.2017: Xylem Highlights Practical Solutions to Increase Resilience of the World’s Cities in New Publication

17.05.2017: Xylem Announces International Appointments, Further Investing in its Dewatering Rental Business

11.05.2017: Pure Technologies and Xylem Announce Commercial Collaboration in Select Emerging Markets

03.05.2017: Xylem Delivers Emergency Bypass in Record Time Following Historic Rainfall Damage to Major U.S. Sewer Main

26.04.2017: Xylem Increases its 2020 Financial Targets and Reaffirms its Strategy to Reflect Accelerated Growth Driven by Acquisitions

19.04.2017: DC Water and Xylem Celebrate the Installation of the First Intelligent Wastewater Pumping System in North America

04.04.2017: Xylem’s ’Make Your Mark 30-Day Challenge‘ Aims to Highlight the Importance of Water and Environmental Issues Through Water-Related Community Activities

24.03.2017: Next Generation Lowara Smart Pump Range by Xylem Features IE5 Permanent Magnet Motors

14.02.2017: Xylem Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2016 Results

02.02.2017: Xylem Wins $1.5m USD Contract to Replace Pumps at North Carolina Wastewater Plant

02.12.2016: Xylem Secures Long-Term Framework Agreement with Scottish Water for the Supply of Rental Dewatering Pumps

24.11.2016: Xylem Wins $1.5m USD Contract for Chinese Wastewater Plant Upgrade

21.11.2016: Xylem Wins $1m USD Contract for First Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sehore, India

09.11.2016: Xylem Supports Local Communities and Businesses with Hurricane Matthew

07.11.2016: Xylem’s Filtration Technology to Provide Additional Drinking Water for Communities in Western Pennsylvania

25.10.2016: Xylem Announces New Pump Rental and Services Business as Part of Middle East North Africa Expansion Plan

05.10.2016: Xylem to Open New Visitor Center in Sweden

23.09.2016: Xylem’s Ozone Treatment Technology Enables Zurich Wastewater Treatment Plant Meet New Swiss Regulations on Removal of Micropollutants

13.09.2016: Xylem Expands Dewatering Rental Offering Across Latin America in Multi-Million Dollar Investment

07.09.2016: Xylem Wins $13 Million USD Contract in Saudi Arabia to Support Wastewater Treatment Facility Expansion

31.08.2016: Xylem Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2016 Earnings

08.08.2016: Xylem Executives to Collaborate with Industry Leaders to Address Global Water Challenges and Work Toward a Secure Water Future at Singapore International Water Week 2016

07.07.2016: Xylem Launches the World’s First Wastewater Pumping System with Integrated Intelligence

04.07.2016: Xylem Shares Progress and Highlights Sustainability Initiatives in its 2015 Sustainability Report

22.06.2016: Xylem Launches Compact Flygt Pump Controller with Advanced Functionality to Optimize Wastewater Pumping Efficiency

09.06.2016: Xylem to Provide Advanced Technology to Help Protect Idaho’s Boise River

06.06.2016: Xylem Technology and Expertise to Support the Development of China’s Largest Underground Wastewater Recycling Plant

10.05.2016: Xylem Launches State-of-the-Art Biogas Support System for Enhanced Process Efficiency and Reliability

14.04.2016: Xylem honored by the American India Foundation

07.04.2016: Xylem to Supply Customized Water Treatment Technologies to One of the World’s Largest Water Reclamation Facilities in Kuwait

31.03.2016: New Survey Reveals Californians’ Overwhelming Support for Recycled Water as a Long-Term Drought Solution

22.03.2016: Xylem Announces 2016 Rioned Innovation Award Win for Flygt SmartRun’s Cutting-Edge Cleaning Function

16.03.2016: Mark Rajkowski Named Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Xylem Inc.

10.02.2016: Enhancements to Xylem’s Flygt 2000 Dewatering Pump Range Result in Increased Durability and Performance

03.02.2016: Xylem Expands Pump Rental Capabilities Across Europe and South Africa with Multi-Million Euro Investment

25.01.2016: Xylem’s Advanced Treatment Technology to Support Vietnam Water Treatment Plant Expansion

14.01.2016: Xylem’s Godwin Site Recognised at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards 2015

18.12.2015: Xylem Supplies Cutting-Edge Pump Technology as Part of Major Lock Expansion Project to Increase Connectivity Between Northern and Southern Europe

28.10.2015: Xylem Launches New Lowara 1300 Series Submersible Pumps

26.10.2015: Xylem Inc. Research Identifies Significant Energy Efficiency Opportunity in Wastewater Management Globally

14.10.2015: Xylem to Provide Sustainable Solution for Golf Course Irrigation

07.10.2015: Xylem Celebrates 4 Million Flygt Wastewater Pumps Solving Water Challenges Worldwide

25.09.2015: Xylem Announces Executive Leadership Appointments

16.09.2015: Xylem Supports Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Program

09.09.2015: Wastewater Treatment Technology to Assist in Nutrient Removal

07.09.2015: Xylem Introduces New Flygt Mixer with Built-in Speed Regulation

10.08.2015: Xylem Awarded $6M Rental Contract for Panama Canal Expansion Project

30.07.2015: Xylem Chief Financial Officer Resigns to Accept Another Opportunity

23.07.2015: Xylem Names Kairus Tarapore Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

15.07.2015: Xylem Technology to Deliver Clean Water for Industrial and Drinking Water use in Singapore

08.07.2015: Xylem Unveils New Flygt YouTube Channel

06.07.2015: Texas Student Wins U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize

01.07.2015: Jayanthi Iyengar Named Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation and Technology Officer for Xylem

24.06.2015: Xylem’s Wastewater Pumping Solution to Reduce Energy Use at Australian Pump Stations

17.06.2015: Xylem Wins $1.7 Million Contract to Support Development of Agricultural Irrigation System in Vietnam

11.06.2015: Smart Pumps Will Help Drive Pump Revenues to $59 billion in 2019

11.06.2015: Xylem to Provide Water Reuse AOP Technology for Indirect Potable Reuse

13.05.2015: Xylem Honored by WateReuse Research Foundation

07.05.2015: Xylem Reports Solid First Quarter Earnings

22.04.2015: Xylem Unveils New Interactive Dewatering Web Platform

09.04.2015: Xylem Selected as a Preferred Partner by Veolia in Multi-Year Global Contract

02.04.2015: Xylem to Supply Specialized Mixing Equipment to Help Reduce Passage Times Through the Panama Canal

27.03.2015: Xylem Inc. Names Steven Leung Senior Vice President and President, Emerging Markets

12.03.2015: Xylem Wins Contract to Double Capacity of Water Treatment Facility in Hong Kong

26.02.2015: Xylem Presents Latest System Solutions for Commercial and Residential Building Services Applications

06.02.2015: Anthony Milando to join Xylem

22.01.2015: Exclusive Agreement to Distribute Disk Filter System for Tertiary Wastewater Treatment in the US and Canada

13.01.2015: Xylem’s Treatment Technology Selected for Two Wastewater Plants in Norway

22.12.2014: Xylem’s Intelligent Pump Control Solution Recognised with Swedish Innovation Prize

03.12.2014: Kelly McAndrew Joins Xylem as Vice President of Global Public Affairs

26.11.2014: Xylem Launches New Models of Wedeco Spektron e UV Disinfection Systems

24.11.2014: Xylem wins Silver Medal Innovation Award from German Agriculture Organisation

10.11.2014: Xylem’s Wedeco Ozone Technology Reduces Wastewater Plant Sludge by 43 Percent

29.10.2014: Xylem Supplies Multiple Wastewater Treatment Denitrification Systems in China

24.10.2014: Xylem to Supply Flygt Technology to Help Protect Against Monsoon Flooding

16.10.2014: Xylem to Demonstrate New Flygt Cloud-based SCADA Monitoring and Control Wastewater System

09.10.2014: Xylem Ecocirc XL Bronze Range Gains WRAS Approval

08.10.2014: Xylem Wins Innovative Technology Award from Water Environment Federation

01.10.2014: Claudia Toussaint to Join Xylem as General Counsel

25.09.2014: Xylem Provides Ultrafiltration Solutions to Supply Clean Drinking Water to Northern Portugal

19.09.2014: Xylem Gives a Boost to Historic Venetian Hotel

17.09.2014: Xylem Recognizes 2014 Stockholm Junior Water Prize Winner

10.09.2014: Xylem Wins $7.3 Million Contract with Bahrain Ministry of Works

27.08.2014: Xylem Launches Cutting Edge Ozone-enhanced Filtration System

21.08.2014: Xylem’s Domestic Building Services Strengthens National Offering

14.08.2014: Introducing the Xylem Hydrovar

08.08.2014: Xylem Introduces the Lowara GHV Booster Set

07.08.2014: Xylem Assists With Relief Effort Following Devastating Floods in the Balkans

31.07.2014: Xylem Expands ecocirc XL Range to Offer Wireless Monitoring Capabilities

23.07.2014: Lowara Enhances Vertical Multi-stage ATEX Pump Range

17.07.2014: Increasing Concerns Over Illegal Circulator Pumps Entering UK Market

11.07.2014: Xylem to Sell UK-based Oil & Gas Valves Business to Rotork

08.07.2014: Xylem Wins Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2014 in China

02.07.2014: Xylem’s Godwin Field Smart Technology Available Outside the US for First Time

20.06.2014: Xylem to Supply Flygt Pump Technology to Europe’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant

12.06.2014: Lowara Bolsters Building Services Presence With Heavy Duty End Suction Series

03.06.2014: Xylem UK Booster Sets WRAS Approved

28.05.2014: Lowara Submersible Pumps Aid Geothermal System

21.05.2014: Online Selection Software from Xylem Merges Brands

20.05.2014: Xylem Launches New, Modular, Micro Controllers for Water and Wastewater Operations

14.05.2014: Xylem Unveils High Precision Electromagnetic Flow Metre for Wastewater Plants

09.05.2014: Xylem Launches New Eco-lift Retrievable Aeration Grid

05.05.2014: Xylem Expands Range of Top-Entry Agitators with New Versatile Model

25.04.2014: Xylem’s Wedeco Brand Launches Next Generation, Energy Efficient Ozone Oxidation Systems

22.04.2014: Xylem’s Godwin Pumps Dewater Flooded Oil Refinery in Argentina

11.04.2014: Xylem Wins Corporate Excellence Award

25.03.2014: Xylem Introduces Pumping Systems for Mining Industries

19.03.2014: Xylem Aquada UV Series Gains WRAS Approval

12.03.2014: Xylem Solution Cuts Annual Operational Costs at Italian Wastewater Treatment Plant

06.03.2014: Xylem Names Patrick K. Decker President and Chief Executive Officer

05.02.2014: Xylem to Supply Ultraviolet Treatment Technologies to One of Europe’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Facilities

29.01.2014: Xylem’s Flygt Pumps Stabilise Shipwreck in South African Waters

24.01.2014: Xylem Debuts New Energy-efficient Pumps for HVAC and Plumbing Systems

10.01.2014: Lowara: Effective Management of Underground Water Resources in Germany

09.01.2014: Xylem Wins $2.7 Million Contract to Develop Storm Water Drainage System for New Jersey Coastline

03.01.2014: Xylem Wins Prestigious Sustainability Award in Colombia

04.12.2013: Xylem’s Flygt Experior Cuts Energy Use at Heathrow Airport Cargo Centre

02.12.2013: Xylem Helps Heal Verona Hospital Water Woes

28.11.2013: Xylem Announces Extension of Its TotalCare Service Concept to Include Sanitaire

14.11.2013: Pump Industry Lobbying Forces Green Deal U-Tur over Circulators

14.11.2013: Xylem Launches Lowara ecocirc Premium

18.10.2013: Xylem Launches New Stainless Steel, Energy-efficient Pump for Industrial Applications

16.10.2013: Xylem’s New Performance Optimising Solution Helps Reduce Wastewater Rreatment Plant Energy Consumption

14.10.2013: Xylem Appoints H. Balasubramaniam as Managing Director for Xylem India

10.10.2013: Xylem’s Next-generation Intelligent Pump Station Controller Reduces Energy Consumption

09.10.2013: Xylem Wins Largest Ozone Contract in China

02.10.2013: Xylem Launches New Energy Efficient Multi-stage Pump

01.10.2013: Xylem Helps Italian Spa to Go With the Flow

27.09.2013: Xylem Appoints Steven R. Loranger Chief Executive Officer and President

25.09.2013: Xylem to Improve Wastewater Quality and Eliminate Effluent Odor in Colombian Town

05.09.2013: Xylem Presents Efficient Large Circulators for Commercial Applications

21.08.2013: Xylem Expands Its Range of Ultraviolet, Saltwater Resistant Treatment Solutions for the Aquaculture Industry

19.08.2013: Xylem Wins Contract to Provide Desalination Pretreatment System in the United Arab Emirates

31.07.2013: Sustainable Pumping Solution Reduces Energy Consumption at Italian Sewage Treatment Facility

19.07.2013: UK Must Copy Germany If We Want A Circulator Pump Revolution

17.07.2013: Xylem Wins Contract to Supply Sweden’s Largest UV Disinfection Facility for Drinking Water

11.07.2013: Xylem Expands Range of Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Water Treatment Solutions

13.06.2013: Engineering Insight Sponsors Brunel University’s “Made in Brunel” 3-day London event

10.06.2013: Xylem Acquires German Dewatering Business Pollmann Pumpen

06.06.2013: Xylem Delivers Treatment Technologies to Vietnam to Help Improve Water Quality

29.05.2013: Xylem Lowara Launches New Range of Advanced Heat Exchangers

23.05.2013: Xylem Awarded Contract for Beijing Drainage Pumping Project

17.05.2013: Jerome A. Peribere and James P. Rogers Elected to Xylem Inc.’s Board of Directors

16.05.2013: Xylem Launches New Energy Efficient Closed-vessel UV System

15.05.2013: Xylem Lowara UK Sponsors Bolivian Rainforest

25.04.2013: New Hydronic Triple-Duty Valve And Suction Diffusers From Xylem Lowara UK

24.04.2013: Xylem’s Godwin Brand Launches New Automatic, Self-priming Dewatering Pump

18.04.2013: Xylem Unveils the New Flygt Bibo Submersible Dewatering Pump

12.04.2013: Xylem Lowara UK Appoints New OEM Business Manager

11.04.2013: Xylem Announces Training Schedule 2013

03.04.2013: Xylem Employees Recognized by Hydraulic Institute

28.03.2013: Xylem Launches Saajhi Treadle Pump for Small-scale Farm Irrigation

27.03.2013: Lowara Heating Circulator Scoops Top Award

27.03.2013: Lowara Ecocirc Domestic Hot Water Pump Delivers Innovative Air Purge Function

25.03.2013: Xylem Launches New Energy Efficient e-HM Multi-stage Pump

22.03.2013: Xylem Presents Efficient Large Circulator for Commercial Applications

07.03.2013: Xylem Announces Acquisition of MultiTrode Pty Ltd

06.03.2013: Xylem Lowara Launches New Solar Powered Pump

27.02.2013: Xylem Expands Its Line of Bell & Gossett BPX Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

22.02.2013: Xylem Facility Now ISO 9001:2008-Certified

21.02.2013: Xylem’s Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse Adds New Certified LEED Course to its Curriculum

20.02.2013: New Bell & Gossett Submersible High Temp Sump Pump

18.02.2013: Lowara Ecocirc Delivers Air Purge Function

15.02.2013: New Bell & Gossett Series e-90 In-Line Centrifugal Pump

14.02.2013: Xylem Develops Customised Water Treatment Solution for Australian Town

14.02.2013: Xylem Previews Integrated VFD with Sensorless Control

13.02.2013: Bell & Gossett System Syzer Mobile App Now Available for Android

11.02.2013: Xylem’s Bell & Gossett ecocirc Wireless Circulator System Provides Instant Hot Water to Any Faucet

08.02.2013: New AquaCharge Xtreme Portable Pump Packs a Punch

07.02.2013: Xylem Lowara Launches CIBSE Accredited Training Courses

06.02.2013: Xylem Launches Mobile App for Water Removal and Flood Control Solutions

04.02.2013: Xylem Announces Enhancements to Its Flygt 2600 Drainage Pump

31.01.2013: Xylem Expands Its Dewatering Services Across Europe

30.01.2013: Xylem and the European Investment Bank (EIB) Finalize Financing Partnership

24.01.2013: Lowara UK Sets High Standards With New Factory Accreditations

23.01.2013: Xylem Announces Expansion Plans for the Middle East Region

17.01.2013: Xylem Reduces Energy Consumption of Wastewater Pumping Station in Sweden

14.01.2013: Success in New Markets for Chemical Resistant High Performance Pump

10.01.2013: Xylem’s Storm Water Solution Prevents Multiple Flooding in Malaysia Since 2007

21.12.2012: Robert F. Friel Elected to Xylem Inc.’s Board of Directors

21.12.2012: Xylem Meets New MEI Standard

14.12.2012: Nicholas R. Colisto to Join Xylem Inc. As Chief Information Officer

12.12.2012: Xylem Introduces CentriPro Xtreme Duty 4” Submersible Motor

05.12.2012: Xylem Wins Major Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Contract in Korea

28.11.2012: Christian S. Na to join Xylem Inc. As General Counsel

26.11.2012: Xylem Captures Top Honors at Ciphex West 2012

22.11.2012: New Bell & Gossett Product and Literature Catalog App

19.11.2012: White Paper: Key Findings for Energy and Water Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

12.11.2012: Xylem Introduces Goulds Water Technology Grinder Pump Retrofit Kit

09.11.2012: Xylem Applied Water Systems Hungary Strengthens Manufacturing Capabilities

01.11.2012: Xylem Acquires Heartland Pump

30.10.2012: Xylem Publishes First Sustainability Report

25.10.2012: Xylem’s Let’s Solve Water Challenge Pumps Up Students’ Imagination

17.10.2012: Xylem’s Flygt Experior Eliminates Clogging and Reduces Energy Consumption at Louisiana Pump Stations

10.10.2012: Xylem Unveils New Wastewater Solutions

05.10.2012: Xylem Lowara and Vogel Mobile App for Quick Pump Selection

04.10.2012: Xylem Wins Contract for Major Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brazil

28.09.2012: Xylem Marks Expansion of Its Flygt and Godwin Mine Dewatering Pumps Business

27.09.2012: Xylem Announces Bell & Gossett Snap Zone Valve

17.09.2012: Xylem Lowara UK Appoints New National Commercial Building Services Manager

14.09.2012: Xylem Inc. Announces 4th Quarter Training at the Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse

07.09.2012: Xylem Launches New High Efficiency Domestic Circulator Pump Lowara Ecocirc

31.08.2012: Xylem Reduces Energy Consumption of a Wastewater Treatment Plant Aeration System

29.08.2012: Xylem Announces Goulds Professional Dealers Association Scholarship Winners

24.08.2012: Xylem Launches New High Efficiency Domestic Circulator Pump Lowara Ecocirc

23.08.2012: Pump Industry Steps Up Appeal to Government Over Green Deal

26.07.2012: Xylem Announces the Acquisition of MJK to Enhance Its Analytics Portfolio

28.06.2012: Xylem Expands Latin American Presence

25.06.2012: Goulds Water Technology Introduces the Aquavar SPD Plus Variable Speed Pump Controller

20.06.2012: Xylem Introduces New System Syzer – Psychrometry

14.06.2012: Xylem Opens New Sales Office in Vietnam

12.06.2012: Xylem Receives Prestigious Corporate Citizenship Award

29.05.2012: Xylem’s Sanitaire Gold Series Diffusers Cut Energy Use

23.05.2012: Over 100 Years of Engineering Expertise Shared in Xylem’s New Technical Handbooks

18.05.2012: New Mixer for Biological Wastewater Treatment Cuts Energy Use By 50 Percent

11.05.2012: Pump Controller Provides Clear View of Energy Usage

04.05.2012: Goulds Water Technology Enhances Line of Submersible Pumps

03.05.2012: Xylem Introduces Lead-Free Balance Valves for Plumbing Systems

20.04.2012: Xylem Introduces Standard Xchange

18.04.2012: Bell & Gossett’s Little Red Schoolhouse Reaccredited

13.04.2012: Xylem Engineer Honored for his Contribution to New ANSI/HI Standards

11.04.2012: Xylem Launches New Product Selection Mobile App

10.04.2012: Xylem Promotes Brian Buscher At A-C Fire Pump

08.03.2012: Xylem Introduces Flowtronex Silent Storm Express VFD Pumping System

29.02.2012: Xylem Introduces McDonnell & Miller PSE-800-M Low Water Cut-Off For Residential Steam Boilers

22.02.2012: Bell & Gossett Announces Second Quarter Training At The Little Red Schoolhouse

10.02.2012: McDonnell & Miller Introduces a New Generation of Intelligent Boiler Control Technology

08.02.2012: Bell & Gossett Announces Little Red Schoolhouse First Quarter 2012 Training Schedule

03.02.2012: Bell & Gossett Introduces The Circuit Sentry Flo-Setter

25.01.2012: Xylem Announces New Range of Flygt Ready Pumps

24.01.2012: Educational Commitment at Xylem

17.01.2012: Xylem Expands Its Dewatering Rental Services in France

13.01.2012: Multi-purpose Flygt Sludge Pumps Further Enhance Xylem’s Dewatering Portfolio

12.12.2011: New Online Selection Software from Xylem

05.12.2011: Xylem RCW Launches New Social Media Network

15.11.2011: Godwin Announces Donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

09.11.2011: Xylem’s Godwin Launches New Range of Non-clog Pumps Featuring Flygt N-technology

04.11.2011: Launch of Xylem’s New Flygt Experior Wastewater Pumping System

02.11.2011: Xylem and GE Sign Multi-region Distribution Agreement for Advanced Water and Wastewater Membrane Technology

01.11.2011: Xylem Launches as New Global, Pure-play Water Technology Company

22.09.2011: Godwin Pumps Announces Branch Openings in Indianapolis (IN), Evansville (IN), and Cincinnati (OH)

13.09.2011: ITT RCW Announces Sponsorship of the 2012 Future City Competition

07.09.2011: Bell & Gossett Announces Little Red Schoolhouse Fall 2011 Training Schedule

05.09.2011: Godwin Pumps Rises To The Occasion in Support of Irene Relief Efforts

05.09.2011: ITT Water & Wastewater Wins Innovative Technology Award From WEF

18.08.2011: Godwin Pumps Hosts SABIT Guests

15.08.2011: Household Fire Safety Is Enhanced with the Latest Lowara Hydroquench Sprinkler Sets

03.08.2011: Flygt and Godwin Support Recovery Efforts at North River Wastewater Treatment Plant

13.07.2011: Flygt 2000 and 5000 Series Submersible Pumps Now Available Through Godwin Pumps in the US

17.06.2011: Flygt Pumps for Mining Now Available Through Godwin Pumps Locations

09.06.2011: Bell & Gossett Introduces New 3DV Triple Duty Valve

09.06.2011: ITT Names Key Global Water Business Leaders

03.06.2011: New Multi-purpose Sludge Pumps Enhance the Flygt 2600 Drainage Range

25.05.2011: Godwin Pumps Announces Branch Opening in Poway, CA

05.05.2011: Godwin Pumps Gives to the Boys and Girls Clubs

29.04.2011: Ice cold: Transforming a Football Stadium into an Ice Stadium

26.04.2011: Early Warning Monitor For Pump Systems

20.04.2011: Godwin Pumps Announces New Branch in Dallas, TX

15.04.2011: ITT Lowara at the Biggest Mall in the Balkans

01.04.2011: Pump Selection and Project Management Is Simplified with SelectITT

16.03.2011: Bell & Gossett Introduces ʻSMARTʼ Heating Circulator

11.03.2011: ITT Bell & Gossett Introduces New IMPACT Series

04.03.2011: Former Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse Instructor Passes

21.02.2011: Bell & Gosset’s Little Red Schoolhouse Announces 2nd Quarter Schedule

15.12.2010: ITT Lowara Delivers Pumps for Dutch Demineralisation Plant

09.12.2010: A New Chapter for Pump Technology at Moscow University Library

03.12.2010: Bell & Gossett’s Little Red Schoolhouse Announces 1st Quarter 2011 Schedule

28.10.2010: Bell & Gossett Introduces New Series of Submersible Wastewater Pumps

18.10.2010: ITT RCW Launches New Social Media Community

07.10.2010: ITT Lowara Supplies Water to the Highest Building in the Balkans

22.09.2010: Godwin Pumps Mourns Loss of Joseph L. Abbott, Jr.

16.09.2010: New e-SV Line of Stainless Steel, Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

15.09.2010: Godwin Pumps Appoints Ohstrom to V.P. of Marketing and Business Development

19.07.2010: ITT Supplies Pumps for Oil Production in West Africa

24.06.2010: Well Pumps With Maximum Yield

10.06.2010: Godwin Pumps Announces Opening of 26th Branch in California

28.05.2010: ITT Lowara Powers a Rapid Cooling System in Israel

14.05.2010: Lowara Pumps Used in Baghdad for Secure Water Supply

12.05.2010: Godwin Pumps Appoints Key Sales & Rental Distribution Development Positions

26.04.2010: High-Tech Pump Technology in the Cellar Proves Fruitful

15.04.2010: Bell & Gossett Announces New BIM Library Featuring Revit Drawings

30.03.2010: Supply of Drinking Water Suited to the Demand

25.03.2010: Godwin Pumps Launches bauma Website

10.02.2010: ITT Water & Wastewater’s New Jet Aerators Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

27.01.2010: New Flygt Jet Mixers with Dry-Installed N-Technology

26.01.2010: Godwin Pumps Announces New Branch Manager in its Raleigh (NC) Location

22.01.2010: ITT Lowara Scoops UK Pump Industry 2009 Energy Saving Award

18.01.2010: Godwin Pumps Implements Asset, Logistic and Transportation Manager Position

15.12.2009: Flygt Launches Super High-Head Pumps

23.10.2009: New ITT Lowara 10” and 12” Submersible Pumps

12.08.2009: ITT Confirms Its Commitment to Environmental Protection and Receives an Award at Its Polish Plant

22.07.2009: Students at Plant in Strzelin, Poland, Discover ITT Technology

30.06.2009: ITT’s Flygt N-hydraulic Adaptive Impeller Technology Eliminates Wastewater Pump Clogging

25.06.2009: Energy Efficient Compact Mixer Launched by ITT Water & Wastewater

18.05.2009: New Range of Lowara Circulators

06.05.2009: John P. Williamson Named President ITT Water & Wastewater

12.08.2008: ITT Boosts Presence in India

06.08.2008: Lowara Booster Pump Sets Powered by High Efficiency Motors

13.05.2008: ITT Flygt: New Residential Grinder Eliminates Sewage Blockages

13.05.2008: Lowara Launches New Submersible Grinder Pump For Residential Applications

04.04.2008: DLG Submersible Electric Pumps

31.03.2008: ITT Lowara Launches PLM High Efficiency Motors in Vertical Multistage Pump Ranges

31.03.2008: Lowara Pumps for World’s Biggest Covered Ice-Skating Rink

05.03.2008: ITT Lowara and Flygt Together at Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2008 in Milan

29.05.2007: ITT Flygt Gets to Root of Vegetable Water Supply

05.04.2007: American Professor Wins the 2007 Stockholm Water Prize

05.04.2007: New Range of VFDs Tailored for Wastewater Pumps

19.12.2006: New Line of Air Vents

08.12.2006: Corrosion-Resistant Dewatering Pumps for Extreme Environments

23.11.2006: VSX Pumps Win “Engineered For Life” Award

08.11.2006: ITT Introduces New Line of Bell & Gossett Wastewater Pumps

11.10.2006: Flygt M&C Keeps an Eye on New Motoreway

11.10.2006: Flygt’s New Force in Dewatering

05.10.2006: Bringing Whitewater Power to the Beijing Olympics

20.09.2006: ITT Becomes Gold Sponsor of Aquatech 2006

22.08.2006: ITT Lowara Introduces New Pumping System Configurator

27.07.2006: Lowara Acquires Mercury

27.07.2006: Lowara Restyles its Website

06.07.2006: McDonnell & Miller Publish New Bulletin

27.06.2006: New Hydronic Heating and Plumbing Products Catalog

24.05.2006: Bell & Gossett Introduces New Circulators

11.05.2006: ITT A-C Pump Pewaukee Becomes ITT Flygt

09.05.2006: Bell & Gossett 3-Speed Circulators

24.04.2006: New Atex Outstation is Solution for CSO

29.03.2006: A Complete Package Designed to Make Life Easier

24.03.2006: Range of Circulators Expanded

03.03.2006: Flygt Makes Senior Appointment to Gear up for Growth

03.03.2006: New Higher Capacity Water System Pumps

22.02.2006: Godwin Pumps Opens New Rental Location

20.02.2006: Flygt Service Wins New Wessex Water Contract

30.01.2006: Flygt Assists Galmoy Mine with Pumping Solution

11.11.2005: New BPX™ Heat Exchangers

04.11.2005: New Site with Focus on Steel Industry

04.11.2005: Lowara Launches Hydrovar Watercooled

04.11.2005: Lowara UK Opens New Training Facility

18.10.2005: First Wireless Pump Monitoring System With 24/7 Capabilities

18.10.2005: Revolution-X Begins with Voice of the Customer

12.10.2005: Revolutionary New VSX Pumps Feature Several Industry Firsts

05.10.2005: New M&C Appointment for Flygt

21.09.2005: Leader in Portable Construction Pumps Targets Europe with Expanded Submersible Line

16.09.2005: Flygt’s Pump Flotation Modules Triumph in Nature Reserve

30.08.2005: Giving Back to Those Who Give Their All

24.08.2005: New A-C Fire Pump Bulletin Highlights Vertical In-Line Fire Pump

19.08.2005: John Michael Paz of Godwin Pumps Receives Ernst & Young Award

04.08.2005: Updated Steam Component Selection Program

01.08.2005: New Addition for Residential Low Water Cut-offs

01.08.2005: Flygt Wins Multi-million Dollar Contract to Deliver Pumping Stations to Venezuela

01.08.2005: Flygt Launches E-Learning Course For LCC

12.07.2005: New Bulletin for Valve Installation Kits

23.06.2005: New Flygt Pump Flotation Module

06.06.2005: New AISI 316 Stainless Steel CEA-CA Electric Pumps

25.05.2005: New Literature for Circuit Sentry Automatic Flow Limiting Valve

24.05.2005: JC – A Pump with Service Life Enhancing Features

24.05.2005: ITT Flygt Launches Ready Range of Compact, Lightweight Pumps

18.05.2005: New Bulletin for Glycol Solution / Water Make-up Unit

02.05.2005: New Bulletin on Calibrated Balance Valves

14.04.2005: Pims Group Acquire Gilkes Water Engineering Business

13.04.2005: HYDROVAR® Equipped Circulating Pumps Provide Ideal Heat Distribution

01.04.2005: A-C Fire Pump® Introduces New 1250/1500 GPM Vertical In Line Fire Pump

24.02.2005: Hoffman Specialty® Introduces Series TD Thermodisc Steam Traps

14.02.2005: Lowara Technology is Flying High

01.02.2005: ITT Flygt Provides Relief to Tsunami Survivors

01.02.2005: Flygt Launches Clog-free High-head Pumps

01.02.2005: Flygt Canada Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

19.01.2005: New Energy Saving Borehole Submersible Pumps

03.01.2005: WEFTEC Operations Maintenance Challenge 2005-2008

02.12.2004: Bell & Gossett® Introduces New Glycol Solution / Water Make up Unit

24.11.2004: Lowara Feeds Water to Major Irrigation Schemes in Kuwait

19.11.2004: A Submersible Pump Engineered for Life

18.11.2004: New Bulletin Highlights Features of Variable Speed Pumping System

03.11.2004: Goulds Pumps for Solvent Extraction

03.11.2004: Goulds Hard Metal Pumps for Slurry Handling

02.11.2004: New Valve Installation Kits from Bell & Gossett®

08.10.2004: Bell & Gossett Introduces Technologic® 500 Color Bulletin

20.09.2004: New Distributor for Flygt in Serbia

20.09.2004: New MD for Flygt in the UK

19.08.2004: Hoffman Specialty Announces Updates to ESP-PLUS

17.08.2004: Winning Performance from Flygt Products at the 2004 Olympic Games

03.08.2004: Heat Exchangers Receive New ARI Standard 400 Certification

13.07.2004: Automatic Flow Limiting Valve for HVAC Systems

13.07.2004: Flygt to Distribute Allweiler Products in UK and Ireland

09.07.2004: New Pump Monitoring System from Flygt

09.07.2004: New ATU 301 Alarm Transmitter

09.07.2004: Efficient Sludge Pumping Solution

09.07.2004: Flygt in Top 500 of Best Employers in the Netherlands

10.06.2004: ITT Flygt Pumps – Success in Shrewsbury

01.06.2004: SV Series Disembarks in Australia and New Zealand

03.05.2004: New Lowara Network in Saudi Arabia

03.05.2004: Industrial Products in Compliance with ATEX

06.04.2004: New Isolation Flow Control Flange

06.04.2004: New Northern Ireland Contract

11.03.2004: 360° Information

09.03.2004: Lowara Presents its Updated SV Pump Range

18.02.2004: WEDECO Wins Major Contract in the USA

18.02.2004: Bahrain Garden Fair 2004

26.01.2004: Better Rental Service from ITT Flygt

20.01.2004: Anglian Water Framework for Flygt

20.01.2004: Distributor Appointments at Flygt in Canada

10.12.2003: Environmental Award for McDonnell & Miller

04.12.2003: EIMA – A Prestigious Showcase

21.11.2003: New Version of Bell & Gossett Software

21.11.2003: Bell & Gossett Publishes Technovar Bulletin

17.11.2003: N-Technology for Wastewater Treatment in Northern Ireland

17.11.2003: Biggest Electric Submersible Pump in the UK Hire Market

29.10.2003: Two New Slim Line Pumps from ITT Flygt

06.10.2003: ITT Flygt Supplies Mixers

29.09.2003: Lowara Pumps Power UK’s Largest Fountain

23.09.2003: Goulds Pumps Announces Scholarships

23.09.2003: ITT Flygt Supplies Pumps to Grimonport

16.09.2003: Million Dollar Order for ITT Flygt

08.09.2003: Flygt Hydroejectors Offer Two-pronged Approach to Cleaning

04.08.2003: ITT Industries’ Fluid Business Unveils New Website

28.07.2003: New Two-stage Water Pressure System

09.07.2003: Lowara Completes Website Localisations

09.07.2003: Bob Went joins ITT Flygt as Group Consultant

08.07.2003: Lowara Opens Its Doors to Innovation

01.07.2003: Saverio Gellini Joins Lowara

25.06.2003: Changes at The Top of Europump

17.06.2003: Split-Coupled Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pump

17.06.2003: Commercial and Industrial Boiler Controls Application Guide

17.06.2003: ITT Flygt Invests in a New Service Centre for Ireland

06.06.2003: New President of ITT Flygt

28.05.2003: Super Hygienic Process Pumps

29.04.2003: Vision 2000: Lowara and excellence in water technology

15.04.2003: ITT Flygt launches the next generation of slurry pumps

24.03.2003: Lowara: Drawings, catalogues and manuals can now be downloaded

19.03.2003: DePalma Elected President of the Hydraulic Institute

19.03.2003: Pump Controller for Water Applications

19.03.2003: New Brochure for HVAC Market

13.03.2003: Flygt appoints new UK hire manager

04.02.2003: Lowara helps the village of Fume Avatime in Ghana, West Africa

04.02.2003: Teknospeed – a compact, essential and easy-to-use range.

17.12.2002: Bell & Gossett opens new factory in China

10.12.2002: Extended cast iron in-line pump series

09.12.2002: New Labor Contract for ITT Goulds

03.12.2002: ITT Flygt, Top 10 in sustainability reporting

19.11.2002: New controllers from McDonnell & Miller

12.11.2002: USD 5 million order for ITT Flygt

29.10.2002: Extended range of cast iron centrifugal pumps

29.10.2002: A-C Pump Offers High Efficiency Horizontal Splitcase Pumps for Municipal Water Supply

29.10.2002: ITT A-C Pump Launches New Website

29.10.2002: A-C and Goulds Pumps Offer Limited-Time Price Reduction on Trash Hog® Solids Handling Pumps

29.07.2002: Close-coupled stainless steel pumps with regulation systems for chilled ceilings

29.07.2002: Greater operating reliability, lower power consumption

22.07.2002: Variable speed drive to mount on existing pumps

03.07.2002: Pumping Mexico City’s wastewater out of the city

03.07.2002: Profitability and environmental thinking – an effective combination

14.06.2002: United Way Names Goulds Pumps “Company of the Year”

13.06.2002: Promotions Announced at Godwin Pumps Maryland Branch

31.05.2002: Bell & Gossett Publishes Brochure on GPX Heat Exchangers

29.05.2002: A new, stronger identity for Flygt products

27.05.2002: Gold mine in South Africa choose the Lowara technology

17.04.2002: Godwin Pumps Expands Sales Team In Atlanta

15.04.2002: New VOGEL Multistage products … something to really get pumped about!

15.04.2002: Goulds ChemBase PlusTM

12.04.2002: McDonnell & Miller Introduces Low Water Cut-off/Pump Controller for Steam Boilers

13.03.2002: New Vertical Chemical Pumps Model ICV

27.02.2002: Godwin Pumps Introduces New Electric Submersible Models

11.02.2002: Sensor Controlled Drive Variable Speed Pump

11.02.2002: Goulds Pumps and GL&V Announce TRI-O™ Mixer Marketing Agreement

22.01.2002: Godwin Pumps Opens California Rental Branch

22.01.2002: ITT Flygt Launches Two New Slim Line Submersible Bibo Pumps for Use in Active Dewatering

21.12.2001: Lowara helps Amref in Kenya Water? Yes, please

14.12.2001: Venice airport chooses Lowara technology

23.11.2001: ITT Industries´ Flygt Books Record Order for China Wastewater Plant

20.11.2001: New PumpSmart® Model PS100 From Goulds Pumps

20.11.2001: Goulds New Model 3355 Series Pump Designed For High Pressure Industrial Services

20.11.2001: Manna Named Global Marketing Vice President

20.11.2001: Goulds Pumps Expands Polyshield ® Line To Include ANSI Combo Units

20.11.2001: New Super Submersibles from Jabsco

30.10.2001: Customers and Distributors Make Godwin Pumps Part Of Their Contingency Plans

05.10.2001: ITT Flygt designs new pumps for fish bypass system

04.10.2001: Variable Speed Pumps for Mars Plant in Europe

04.10.2001: Lowara pumps equipped with Hydrovar produce premium strawberries

05.09.2001: A-C Pump NS Series Non-Clog Pumps for Wastewater Applications

05.09.2001: New Brochure Outlines A-C and Gould Wastewater Pumps

06.08.2001: Help for a school in Burundi

26.07.2001: Lowara managers give lessons to future accountant

26.07.2001: ITT Flygt Is Chosen Supplier For Welsh Water Contract At Milford Haven

26.07.2001: Flygt Brings The Challenge Of Outdoors, In!

23.07.2001: Godwin Pumps Relocates Richmond Branch Office

23.07.2001: ITT Flygt receives record order for 195 mixers

18.06.2001: ITT Flygt will celebrate its 100 year anniversary

15.06.2001: 15.06.2001 Godwin Pumps of America Acquires U.K.-Based Manufacturer

30.05.2001: Spanish website of Flygt

30.05.2001: New Replacement Parts Catalog Available from McDonnell & Miller

30.05.2001: Improved Low Water Cut-Off/Pump Controller Available from McDonnell & Miller

21.05.2001: Jabsco’s New Products for 2001

27.04.2001: Godwin Pumps Announces Addition to Its Line of Electric Submersible Pumps

24.04.2001: Lowara Pumps help the Environment

19.04.2001: ITT Flygt has received its largest order to date in Austria worth over USD 1.6 million

05.04.2001: New site from ITT Flygt Austria!

04.04.2001: South Africa: not only the country of lions

28.03.2001: Water and stone

23.03.2001: Godwin Pumps Hires Sales Engineer For Maryland Branch

22.03.2001: New Bell & Gossett Hydrotrol™ Flow Control Valve Prevents Zone Overheating

13.03.2001: The excellence of Lowara in China (Goulds Pumps Najing)

09.03.2001: Flood Control Project

07.03.2001: Lowara in China (Goulds Pumps Najing)

23.02.2001: Godwin Dri-Prime Pumps on Display at World of Concrete

23.02.2001: Lowara can help municipalities save water

09.02.2001: Lowara offer irrigation solutions

06.02.2001: Mike McLaughlin Leaves Goulds Pumps Team #48

31.01.2001: ITT Flygt receives prestigious prize for branding.

31.01.2001: Goulds Pumps Auburn Facility Wins International Industrial Quality Award

31.01.2001: Congressman Thomas M. Reynolds Honored For Exemplary Voting on Key Manufacturing Issues

24.01.2001: Lowara host B.T.L.I.A. irrigation meeting

16.01.2001: GOULDS: API Pumps Upgraded to 8 th Edition

11.01.2001: 10 Years with LOWARA in the New Zealand market place

02.01.2001: Goulds Pumps Introduces New ISO Magnetic Drive Process Pump

02.01.2001: Goulds Pumps Introduces New High Temperature Process Pump

02.01.2001: Lowara and the Jubilee

18.12.2000: German site now online

29.11.2000: ITT Flygt’s FPC100, pump control without the need for level sensors

29.11.2000: Lowara´s fastest logo

14.11.2000: Lowara is a member of Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index (DJSGI)

03.11.2000: Lowara is taking part in the Galgano Campaign – The 12th Annual World Quality Day

27.10.2000: Better pumps for aircraft de-icing vehicles

27.10.2000: Ready 24, the new portable lightweight drainage pump from ITT Flygt

06.10.2000: ITT Flygt: A New Millennium, a New Generation of N-pumps

29.09.2000: ITT Flygt won its fourth international award yesterday for the N-pump, at Aquatech Amsterdam 2000.

27.09.2000: Telephone Survey: Goulds Pumps Named Preferred Supplier

13.09.2000: Ten years of water

05.09.2000: Lowara goes to the Olympics

08.08.2000: Enterprise, new booster selection software.

01.08.2000: Goulds Launches New Hydraulic Selection System

26.07.2000: Goulds Pumps Introduces Close-Coupled, Chemical Process Pump. New pump minimizes life cycle costs in process applications.

10.07.2000: ITT Flygt Netherlands now has its own Internet site in Dutch

24.05.2000: ITT Flygt’s Sanitaire Corporation plays a major part in US$220 million wastewater treatment plant