Hamworthy Pumps appoints new Product Development Director

Experienced pump designer Per Abrahamsen returns to Hamworthy Pumps to take the technical side of the business to an even higher level.
Hamworthy Pumps appoints new Product Development Director

Per Abrahamsen. (Image source: Hamworthy Pumps)

Per Abrahamsen has just joined Hamworthy Pumps as Product Development Director. The Norwegian started his new job on 16. February, and his appointment is a happy reunion.

48-year-old Per Abrahamsen’s first job was as a pump designer at Hamworthy Pumps in Asker, Norway, where he was employed in 1999.

He has held various positions in Hamworthy Pumps and later in Wärtsila, including three years in the Singapore pump factory as chief design engineer. The experience in the pump group has given in-depth knowledge of many of the pumps in the Hamworthy portfolio, because he himself was involved in developing and designing some of the pumps.

In his new role, the focus is on pump products. The focal point is improvements to existing products, new pump products and new market opportunities. At the same time, he will also increase technical understanding internally in the company.

Per Abrahamsen has a master’s degree in engineering, specialising in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and turbulence modelling. And he will also draw on system understanding in Hamworthy Pumps’ complicated offshore deliveries.

Will make shipping greener
The product development director has extensive experience with cargo handling systems and fuel gas systems for both LNG & LPG vessels. In previous roles, he worked for Wartsila Gas Solutions and Keppel Gas Technology Development. 

And clean fuel is an area that is close to Per Abrahamsen’s heart.

“The marine industry is moving towards cleaner fuel. We need to develop pumps that contribute to the process of making shipping greener. We must be part of the transformation,” says Per Abrahamsen.

Per Abrahamsen’s wife is Singaporean, and they moved back to Singapore a year and a half ago after nine years in Norway.

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