Potting of Miniature Connectors: High-Precision Dispensing for Complete Process Reliability

Miniature connectors must be absolutely reliable and have secure contacts. Two-component potting compounds such as PU, epoxy or silicone are particularly suitable for potting miniature connectors. They are especially impressive compounds due to their wide range of applications.
Potting of Miniature Connectors: High-Precision Dispensing for Complete Process Reliability

Application example: Potting of connectors from ODU GmbH & Co. KG (Image source: ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH)

Increasing miniaturisation of performance electronics and improved sensor technologies increase the demands on dispensing equipment, i.e., in regards to repeatable dispensing of the smallest quantities: Short cycle times with maximum precision are required. preeflow dispensers are designed for dispensing pressures of up to 40 bar - higher volume flows can therefore be implemented with process reliability.

The smallest of dispensing quantities for the potting of miniature connectors
preeflow eco-DUO dispensers are used for potting miniature connectors. Depending on the size, they are suitable for small quantities from 5 µl to higher volume flows of up to 32 ml/min. Perfectly matched components in the dispensers ensure maximum chemical resistance. Precise control from the EC200-DUO control unit completes the potting process.

Thanks to the eccentric screw technology on which the preeflow products are based, repeatable, precise, and process reliable dispensing is guaranteed. Especially in 2-component applications, this technology ensures continuous volumetric mixing of the two components. This is important because the mixing ratios specified by the adhesive manufacturer must be continuously maintained in order to ensure accurate curing.

A wide range of applications for the dispensers in connector potting
The dispensers are used in various areas of application: A typical example is connector potting in the automotive sector. The area of application in the engine compartment demands extreme requirements for leak-tightness, oil and temperature resistance. The penetration of moisture must also be prevented. An exact filling quantity in the potting process is absolutely necessary to guarantee a proper seal.

But also in many other areas from consumer electronics to medical devices and components - wherever sensors have to be protected against environmental influences, chemicals, high temperatures or even oil and petrol - perfectly accurate potting results are required: For a considerable gain in process reliability and quality. And additional costs are reduced by repeatable potting without wasting material.

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