New Etanorm SYT Heat Transfer Liquid Pump


KSB Aktiengesellschaft present its Etanorm SYT heat transfer liquid pump featuring the new VenJet venting device.

New Etanorm SYT Heat Transfer Liquid Pump

KSB’s Etanorm SYT heat transfer liquid pump featuring the new VenJet venting device. (KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany)

This device ensures that the low-boiling fractions or water vapour do not get near the plain bearings or the mechanical seal. The type series is an advanced version of tried and tested Etanorm SYA. The new pump type features several design improvements which increase the robustness of the predecessor pump series. For example, the discharge cover has four bars which make it rigid in the area of the heat barrier. As a result of that, they reduce the heating up of the bearing bracket. So this area remains well below the critical temperature range despite the presence of hot fluids. New SYT is also available with a double mechanical seal in tandem arrangement with quench supply. On this design, the bearing bracket has an intermediate wall to create a separate quenching space within the mechanical seal chamber. The mechanical seal used is a standard mechanical seal of short design. This seal type also allows to safely handle critical media whose vapour pressure exceeds 1 bar at operating temperature.

As an example of its valves portfolio for heat transfer applications, KSB will showcase the cast steel NORI 40 series at WTT Expo in Karlsruhe. Their hydraulically optimised flow paths make for very low pressure losses, thus reducing the costs for energy needed to operate heat transfer systems. As well as the above models, the manufacturer will also present bellows-type globe valves, non-return valves and strainers made of nodular cast iron.

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