Flowserve Signs Collaborative Agreement with Advanced Diamond Technologies


Flowserve Corporation announced it has signed a collaborative agreement with Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. (ADT) to become the exclusive developer and supplier of diamond coated hard faces for its mechanical seals.

When applied to Flowserve base materials, the ultrananocrystalline-structured diamond (UNCD) coating developed by ADT produces an exceptionally hard surface with significantly improved friction and wear characteristics. This is particularly beneficial in services requiring protection from slurry, dry running conditions and resistance to chemical corrosion.

"Because diamonds are extremely hard, extremely strong while offering low friction properties, the UNCD coating is ideal for demanding applications, such as mechanical seals for pumps," said John Yerger, CEO and president, Advanced Diamond Technologies. "This exclusive agreement with Flowserve for all seal-related applications is the natural culmination of the close collaboration between our companies."

Flowserve and ADT, a spinoff company from the U.S. Department of Energy s Argonne National Laboratory, have worked together since the 1980s to develop, refine and perfect diamond coating for mechanical seal faces.

"As an industry leader in the design, production, and service of mechanical seals and support systems for pumps and other rotating equipment, Flowserve needs a high-quality, technologically advanced and dependable source for diamond coated hard faces for its seals," said Ken Lavelle, president, seal operations, Flowserve. "We are proud of our long-term collaboration with ADT and feel they are the ideal partner to provide the services we need to help our customers extend seal reliability."

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