EurEau Welcomes Inclusion of Water in New Plans for Europe’s Future.


EurEau welcomes the inclusion of water in the new plans for Europe’s sustainable economic future.

The new circular economy package proposal recognizes how water services will contribute to a more sustainable European economy. EurEau supports the recovery of nutrients through the revision of the Fertilizer Regulation and the measures regarding water reuse.

The waste water services are in the heart of nutrient recovery through biosolid- and sludge-based products coming from wastewater treatment plants. The proposal of the European Commission will stimulate the development of an EU-wide market in organic and waste-based fertilizers. This is a strong signal to the European water sector to invest in the recovery of nutrients from sewage sludge. However, it is a missed opportunity not to have clearly defined an end-of-waste criteria for recognizing high quality sludge-based materials and products as fertilizers, instead of ending up in landfill.

EurEau President Bruno Tisserand said that “The Commission has now recognized the crucial contribution that the water sector can play in revitalizing the European economy. Since water is the most important shared resource across all supply chains, and a lot of resources can be recovered from wastewater, it is the natural starting point for the circular revolution.”

The proposal of addressing water scarcity through the reuse of treated wastewater in safe and cost-effective conditions is also a major step to maintaining water resources for all. It is a good tool to support the water reuse projects and raise the image of reclaimed water towards the end-users by ensuring its quality and safety. EurEau is looking forward to working on the proposals.

Source: EurEau

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