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16.07.2024: New Study Quantifies TFA Concentrations in Drinking Water and Mineral Water Samples

12.04.2024: EurEau: A Triumph for Consumers and Environmental Protection

13.10.2023: A Dilution of EPR in Europe’s Water Future

05.06.2023: EurEau Elects New President

11.11.2022: EQS: Full Ban of PFAS Needed to Meet Environmental Thresholds

07.11.2022: New Ambitions for Europe’s Waste Water Sector

02.11.2022: Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive

24.10.2022: On the Way to Energy Independence – New Challenges for the European Water Sector

29.06.2022: Regulation on the Sustainable Use of Plant Protection Products

02.06.2022: Keeping our Water Pesticide-Free

07.12.2021: EurEau Highlights New Factsheets on Valuing Recyclable Materials

10.11.2021: EurEau: Valuing our Water Services

03.06.2021: Dr Claudia Castell-Exner Re-Elected as EurEau President

29.10.2020: Consumers to Reap Benefit of More Stringent Protection of Drinking Water

19.10.2020: Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: Opportunity to protect our water resources

29.04.2020: Water services and Covid-19 – a statement from EurEau

06.06.2019: EurEau Elects Claudia Castell-Exner as New President

01.04.2019: EurEau: Our Drinking Water Will Remain Safe and Affordable

15.03.2019: EurEau Supports Council Compromise on Drinking Water

08.06.2018: EurEau Reaction to the European Commission’s Revision of the Common Agricultural Policy

25.10.2016: Oliver Loebel Takes the Reigns as EurEau Secretary General

12.10.2016: Building a Resilient Water Sector

23.09.2016: EurEau Congress 2016 in Copenhagen

30.03.2016: Employment and Economic Growth Through Investment in Water

16.12.2015: EurEau Welcomes Inclusion of Water in New Plans for Europe’s Future.