Busch Presents New Series of Dolphin Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps


Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems has now launched an entirely new series of liquid ring vacuum pumps. The new Dolphin LM/LT vacuum pumps have been completely redesigned but are based on proven liquid ring vacuum technology. With these new vacuum pumps, Busch has been able to optimize an existing product that has become an established part of many industrial processes, resulting in the development of extremely powerful, yet energy-efficient vacuum generators.

Busch Presents New Series of Dolphin Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Busch has launched two new series of liquid ring vacuum pumps in a total of 13 sizes (Image: Busch Dienste GmbH)

Dolphin LM models are single-stage vacuum pumps for the rough vacuum range from atmospheric pressure to 130 hPa (mbar) ultimate pressure. Dolphin LT models are available in two-stage versions and cover the vacuum range from atmospheric pressure to 33 hPa (mbar). A total of 13 sizes are available so that a precisely coordinated solution can be found for any process. Dolphin LM/LT vacuum pumps have a modular design and integrated flow channels. This makes them extremely compact and eliminates the need for base frames. The IE3 energy-saving motor is directly flange-mounted. The new seal concept with mechanical shaft seals, made of Viton or PFC rubber depending on the pumping medium, ensures a long life cycle. The standard material for the impeller is stainless steel. A stainless steel version of the housing is available as an option.

Water or a fluid suitable for the process medium is normally used as the operating fluid. Ethylene glycol, mineral oils or organic solutions can also be used, as well as the fluids already used in the process. Dolphin LM/LT liquid ring vacuum pumps can be operated in simple circulatory systems, in open or closed liquid cycles. Their high vapour and particle tolerance makes the extremely robust vacuum generators exceptionally well-suited for removal/extraction of wet gases or vapours. They are thus predestined for use in processing technology, chemical and pharmaceutical processes, food technology applications, oil production and processing, plastic processing, wood impregnation and drying processes, and many other industrial applications. Dolphin LM/LT vacuum pumps are available in sizes with pumping speeds of 80 to 900 cubic metres per hour. Versions for operation in potentially explosive environments are available in different ATEX-compliant versions and temperature classes.

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