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Pump manufacturer

03.11.2023: Busch Vacuum Solutions Acquires centrotherm clean solutions

11.09.2023: Faithful Service for 36 Years

16.08.2023: Busch Vacuum Solutions Introduces New R5 RA

03.03.2023: Busch Vacuum Solutions Builds New Production Plant in China

08.02.2023: Busch Vacuum Solutions: Six Steps to a Tailor-Made Vacuum Solution

21.12.2022: Busch Vacuum Solutions Is World Market Leader 2023

16.12.2022: Busch Vacuum Solutions Receives Innovation Champion Award in Sustainability

27.10.2022: Busch Vacuum Solutions Family Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

12.08.2022: Ayla Busch was Honored with the German Leadership Award 2022

28.07.2022: Star Wars Merchandise Thanks to Efficient Vacuum Technology from Busch Vacuum Solutions

05.07.2022: Climeworks Receives “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award 2021”

28.02.2022: Reducing Production Downtimes with OTTO Digital Services by Busch

20.01.2022: 10 Considerations for Optimum Use of Vacuum Technology

17.01.2022: New Leak Detectors from Busch

25.10.2021: This Year`s “Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award” Presented to Quantafuel ASA

19.02.2020: Busch Vacuum Solutions Presents New Screw Vacuum Pump

30.08.2019: Busch Showcases its new Generation of Extruder Degassing Systems

15.03.2019: Ready for Industry 4.0: New Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump With Pressure Control

11.02.2019: Vacuum Measurement Technology – Reconsidered

21.06.2018: Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems Acquires NSB Gas Processing

16.03.2018: Busch Presents New Series of Dolphin Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

28.02.2018: Busch Introduces its New Vacuum Concept

14.09.2017: Individual Vacuum Solutions by Busch for Pneumatic Conveying Processes

26.08.2016: New Cobra NX Screw Vacuum Pump

16.06.2016: Energy-Efficient Vacuum Supply for Food Packaging by Busch

27.11.2015: Central Vacuum Supply by Busch for Efficient Cheese Packaging

02.10.2015: Busch Vacuum Technology for Resin Infusion in Yacht Construction

08.07.2015: Busch Introduces the First Hygienic Vacuum Pump

26.03.2015: New Busch Office for Vacuum Service in South Africa

08.10.2014: New Range of Mink Claw Vacuum Pumps

11.06.2014: Turbo TM – the New Pump Series for High Vacuum from Busch

22.04.2014: New Busch Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps for Medium Vacuum Applications

16.01.2014: Pumping Speed Has Again Been Considerably Expanded

02.10.2013: Busch Award for Innovative Ideas

07.08.2013: 50 Years of Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems

29.07.2013: Inauguration of A New Factory in Brazil

26.03.2013: Busch Offers New Vacuum Pump

02.11.2012: Busch Extends the Mink Range of Vacuum Pumps