Ayla Busch was Honored with the German Leadership Award 2022

Expertise, vision, information management, success, ehtical conduct, human competence and diversity: Ayla Busch had convinced the jury in all these categories and therefore received the German Leadership Award 2022.
Ayla Busch was Honored with the German Leadership Award 2022

Lars Wagner, COO at MTU Aero Engines AG, presents Ayla Busch with the award. (Image source: Andreas Schwarz)

“Ayla Busch is a leader with a special, with a unique style, based on appreciation, a sense of family, communication and, above all, diversity – in the fullest sense”, said laudator Lars Wagner, Chairman of the German Leadership Award jury and Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MTU Aero Engines AG.

The award was presented at the annual alumni convention of the “Collège des Ingénieurs” in Munich. In her acceptance speech, Ayla Busch explained how far back equality and diversity go in the history of Busch Vacuum Solutions: “My parents founded our company as an equal partnership back in 1963. That is unique. And even at the very beginning, we had an employee who was deaf and whom my parents supported in becoming a master craftsman.”

After a reception at the beginning of the event and before he handed over to laudator Lars Wagner, Prof. Hans-Peter Mengele, Chairman of the sponsoring association of the German Leadership Award, explained its significance to the approximately 200 invited guests: “The German Leadership Award is a particularly authentic award for innovative corporate leadership in the German economy. It is sponsored by the network of German alumni of the ‘Collège des Ingénieurs’. The engineers and scientists from the ‘Collège des Ingénieurs’ are among the excellent leaders of the next generation.” Since 2014, these young leaders nominate every year personalities for the German Leadership Award who are role models for them.

After the ceremony, Ayla Busch exchanged views with former award winners in a round table discussion. Afterwards, the participants of the event had the opportunity to network and taste Bavarian delicacies.

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