SKF Group

Hornsgatan 1
SE-415 50 Göteborg
Component manufacturer

27.09.2019: Hapag Lloyd puts SKF BlueSonic Ballast Water Management System to the Test

17.10.2007: SKF Nine-month report 2007

11.10.2007: Nomination Committee of AB SKF for the Annual General Meeting 2008

24.09.2007: SKF Included In The Dow Jones’ Sustainability Group Indexes

10.09.2007: Ingalill Östman Appointed Senior Vice President SKF Group Communication

31.07.2007: SKF Acquires World Leading Magnetic Bearing Company

10.07.2007: SKF Acquired Baker Instruments

19.06.2007: SKF and Aker Kvaerner sign Partnership for Condition Based Maintenance in Oil and Gas Industry

28.02.2007: SKF Acquires Taiwanese Company in Linear Motion

01.02.2007: SKF Year-End Report 2006

08.12.2006: SKF to Close Factory in South Africa

17.11.2006: First European Six Sigma Leadership Award Goes to SKF CEO Tom Johnstone

13.09.2006: SKF Acquires Austrian Economos

12.09.2006: SKF Opens Two New Factories and Education Center in China

16.08.2006: SKF Acquired Leading Lubrication Systems Business

24.05.2006: SKF Acquires Austrian Industrial Seals Company

04.05.2006: SKF First-Quarter Report 2006

27.04.2006: SKF Acquires Gas and Oil Service Company

21.04.2006: SKF Acquires Leading US Seals Company

31.03.2006: New Vice President for SKF Group Demand Chain

22.03.2006: Organizational Changes at SKF

01.03.2006: SKF Gains Axlebox Order from Alstom

01.02.2006: SKF Year-end Report 2005

15.12.2005: SKF Restructures Activities

27.09.2005: SKF Acquires Lubrication System Company

15.07.2005: SKF Half-year Report 2005

06.06.2005: AB SKF’s Share Redemption Implemented

01.06.2005: SKF’s Acquisition of Jaeger Finalized

31.05.2005: The Listing of SKF’s Indian Subsidiary Continues

18.05.2005: SKF Expects Continued Good Growth for its Business

11.05.2005: Tore Bertilsson New Executive Vice President, AB SKF

27.04.2005: SKF Acquires Leading Manufacturer of Actuation Systems in Asia

25.04.2005: Annual General Meeting of AB SKF

20.04.2005: SKF First Quarter Report 2005

04.04.2005: SKF Continues to Grow in China

10.03.2005: Tommy G Klein Appointed Senior Vice President SKF Group Business Development

09.03.2005: New Board Member Proposed for AB SKF

18.02.2005: SKF, Rautaruukki and Wärtsilä to Merge Long Steel Business

11.02.2005: SKF Intends to Acquire Full Ownership of its Indian Bearing Company

01.02.2005: SKF Reports Increased Sales

21.01.2005: Henrik Lange Appointed President, SKF Industrial Division

19.01.2005: SKF Sold Steel Plant in France

16.12.2004: Delisting from the London Stock Exchange

03.11.2004: SKF Opens Industrial Services Centre in Moscow

19.10.2004: SKF Nine-month Report 2004

14.10.2004: Nomination of Board Members of AB SKF for the Annual General Meeting 2005

08.09.2004: SKF Included in Dow Jones’ Sustainability Group Indexes for 2005

14.07.2004: SKF Reports a 10% Increase in Sales

08.07.2004: SKF’s Acquisition of Willy Vogel Finalised

02.06.2004: New Name in SKF Management

11.05.2004: SKF Acquires Willy Vogel

23.04.2004: SKF First Quarter Report 2004

23.04.2004: Annual General Meeting of AB SKF

30.03.2004: SKF Appoints Eva Hansdotter as Senior Vice President Group HR and Sustainability

11.03.2004: New Board Member Proposed for AB SKF

27.01.2004: SKF Year-End Report 2003

11.12.2003: SKF Consolidates Seal Operations in the North American Market

08.10.2003: SKF to Discontinue Production in Germany

08.10.2003: SKF Leaves Three Stock Exchanges