Quick Suctioning Pumps from Schmalenberger for Heavy Metal Machining


The SZ is an immersion pump for practically every heavy metal machining and grinding technology process. Wherever large volumes of coolant are encountered in conjunction with chip material and metal particles, it is an indispensable part in the process chain.

Foreign particles with a diameter up to approx. 20 mm can be delivered without difficulty through the open impeller design.


  • Optional: standard motor with coupled shaft

  • Optimum shaft mounting: low motor stress, maximum power transmission

  • Optional: optimised impeller, wear-resistant design

  • Efficiency 57%: a steep characteristic curve ensures rapid response and a high torque

Areas of application:

  • Centralized lubrication system

  • Process engineering

  • Sewage engineering

  • Draining, drainage

  • Industrial technology

  • Storage tank installation

Areas of use:

  • Liquids with high air occlusion

  • Strongly contaminated liquids

  • Liquids which may also contain solid

  • Neutral media, such as alcalines, solvants, coolants, lubricants

  • Cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, pickling

  • Filtration and recycling technology

  • Recirculating for cooling lubricant

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