Kent City Plastics Announces Expansion of Lost Core Molding Process

Kent City Plastics announces immediate availability of Fully Enclosed One-Piece PFA Impellers, enabling manufacturers of highly corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps a new, higher efficiency option for their impellers.
Kent City Plastics Announces Expansion of Lost Core Molding Process

Lost core products (Image source: Kent City Plastics)

“While we have been producing ETFE fully enclosed one-piece impellers for a number of years, we are excited about the addition of PFA processing, and the strength advantages it gives our current and prospective customers,” said Damian McDougal, President at Kent City Plastics.

Positive Customer Impact
The Lost-core molding process has given their customers the engineering design freedom to include one-piece fully enclosed impellers in their pump designs thereby improving the efficiency and durability in their centrifugal pumps. The engineered resin Perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA) has been a natural addition to the product mix at Kent City Plastics given its inherent strength improvements over other fluoropolymers and the requests of their customers.

PFA Impellers Availability
Kent City Plastics completed modifications to their equipment opening the PFA capacity in October 2020.

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