Pedrollo Introduces Tritus Submersible Grinder Pump


Pedrollo Company developed a new pumps in order to cover not only new requirements in the market place as well as to meet needs of worldwide markets. Nowadays there is a keen interest from pump industry to get a cutting-edge product for reliability, performance and quality.

It is now about the release of the brand new series Tritus, new submersible grinder pump that passes all the toughest and severe tests during last months within Pedrollo labs.

Same as before, Pedrollo technicians have included all the latest enhancement: i.e. cataphoretic coating for cast iron components, double mechanical seals in built-in oil chamber, stainless steel casted handle. Last but not least: Tritus is equipped with top grade grinder in the suction inlet.

This grinder, made of AISI 440C high tempered stainless steel, can finely grind both solid parts as well as fibers inside drainage and sewage water. As a matter of fact new Tritus series, due to its high hydraulic performances in head, makes it suitable to the domestic and residential thanks to the pressure-channel into the sewage system by pipes of small section as to avoid any clogging risks.

For the time being are available only single phase version as TRm1.1 and 3-phase TR1.1 with P1 at 1.1 kW although the Tech Dept is committed to enlarge this range up to 1.5kW and 2.2kW. The single phase version is provided with a pre-set float switch for automatic operation, external control box with manual overload reset and 2 capacitors (for torque point and running) that ensure sufficient start-up.

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