News from the Pumps & Valves 2002


Pumps & Valves 2002 (16 -18 October in Antwerp) is the trade fair for industrial pumps, control valves, shut-off valves, services and accessories. In conjunction with several seminars the exhibition is an important event to show new pumps and technologies. – the Online Pump Magazine – was been there and has summarized the most important highlights in the area of pump technology.

News from the Pumps & Valves 2002

Allweiler informs about the new centrifugal pumps for high-temperature applications. The ALLHEAT series was particularly designed for save pumping of hot media. It is applicable for thermal oil at temperatures of up to 350°C or hot water at up to 207°C. The robust pump design includes a cool seal for optimum temperature reduction, so that there is no additional cooling required.

Furthermore the low pressure screw pump range for lubricating fluids is another highlight on the stand. This TRILUB product family was been created using synergies within the COLFAX group, where Allweiler is a part from. The range includes fife series for several applications pumping lube or fuel oil.

APV Invensys launches the high efficiency self-priming pump Ws+. The pump combines the functionality of APV’s self priming ZMS pump with the hydraulic efficiency of the W+ centrifugal pump into a single, unrivalled new product. The Ws+ incorporates many technical features that contribute to an outstanding combination of efficiency, cleanability and flexibility. The rising power characteristics of the Ws+ series result in a reduction of up to 49% in energy consumption by comparison with the APV ZMS self-priming pump. The Ws+ pump is designed for hygienic applications and easy cleanability. Within the EHEDG certification, the Ws+ can be used for several applications where two pumps are normally required, such as pumping media and CIP cleaning

BOWI, founded in January 2001, shows news development of Munsch as distributor for Belgium. These chemical pumps are designed with a plastic lined metal casing. According to BOWI’s Managing Director Willy Boschmans the advantage of the pumps against the competitive products is the thicker plastic coating up to 12 mm.

Positive displacement pumps specialist Cat Pumps has developed a new pump for liquid gases. The special design of the manifold allows liquid gases to stratify within the inlet manifold. This allows the pump to achieve a very high volumetric efficiency, even when the liquid pressure and temperature conditions are close to the liquids such as CO2.

CP Pumpen has expanded the MKP series. These metallic magnetic drive pumps are applicable for chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry. The construction includes a patented drive unit. A jacketed and an unjacketed version is available. The special execution MKP-Bio allows also hygienic applications for the pharmaceutical and bio industry according to FDA, 3A, GMP and EHEDG.

A transportable pump station is in the focus of the presentation of eekels. The heart of the systems is a Hidrostal sewage pump of the HDZ series. Through its special screw impeller design the pump is applicable to pump sewage and wastewater with solid content. The diesel drive allows besides typical wastewater tasks the mobile use in case of flooding.

EMPO-VERDER, a Belgian market leader for positive displacement pumps, uses the event to communicate the take-over by the Verder group. EMPO and its sister company VAN WIJK & BOERMA were been acquired by Verder in March 2002.

A highlight at the stand of Ensival-Moret is the Optimex canned motor pump. These sealless pumps are applicable for dangerous fluids e.g. in chemical, petrochemical or nuclear industry. The patented impeller construction allows a full balance of axial thrust. As advantage against competitive models this balancing system is very effective and wear-insensitive.

Fristam, a leading manufacturer of hygienic centrifugal and rotary piston pumps, extends the product range by a shear pump. It is prefect fitting to mix different product components with equal or different states of aggregation to a fully homogeneous multi-phase product, particularly to homogenizing of lactic products and dissolving of pectin. The shear pump, available in different model sizes, is basing on the construction of the FP centrifugal pump. Fristam Shear Pumps are successfully used for various applications in different industry sectors including pharmaceutical, cosmetics, dairy, food and beverage.

Johnson Pump presents the new air operated double diaphragm OptiFlo. With the new OptiFlo design Johnson Pump has succeeded in reducing the drawbacks of conventional air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, like heavy pulsation, costly downtime, noisy operation and cost of spares by a radical departure from conventional design.

A further highlight at Johnson is the Bi-Wing Rotary Lobe Pump TopWing. The hygienic stainless-steel design combined with a gentler product design makes the pump the ideal solution for sensitive liquids.

Klaus-Union has developed a special mag-driven pump without partial flow. The design of the SLM-NVS/OT is suited for dry run and compatible with solid matters. Through the non-metallic isolation shell unwanted heating will be avoided.

K&R Pompen, since May of this year part of the DESMI group, presents a self-priming centrifugal pump. The SA(E)N-3100 model is a totally re-newed pump, based on the original "SA(E)"-models. The construction of the pump is one with an open impeller, exchangeable wearplate, stainless steel shaft and a mechanical seal as shaft sealing.

The new Pump Expert S from KSB is a fully independent measurement data evaluation system. It serves as a bus coupler to ensure local connection of the control station with a field bus, and analyses different measured variables by means of an integrated expert system.

Metso Automation s Neles ValvGuard testing and monitoring system for emergency valve applications is a new generation safety management system that helps ensure that emergency shutdown (ESD) and emergency venting (ESV) valves will operate properly despite long periods of idle service. Unlike traditional safety systems that require testing while the process is completely shut down, Neles ValvGuard allows operators to reliably test valve performance on-line, anytime, without disturbing the process.

Spandau Pumpen, part of the Willy Vogel AG and specialist for sealless immersion pumps for cooling and lube oils, shows the new PXA. The shaft runs through a gap bush below the reservoir cover. Any fluid escaping through the gap is fed right back into the reservoir. The sealless construction avoids wear. Long service life and flexible design of the PXA result into low life cycle costs.

Furthermore the new Spandau HPS Screw Pumps brings longer bearing lives, quieter running, less vibration. The HPS, an immersion pump, is installed directly on the reservoir cover. The special feature of the HPS is the fact that the pressure port can be quickly and easily accessed above the reservoir cover. The 4-hole reservoir flange has standard connection dimensions. No additional holes are required in the cover so that leads can pass through. The immersion depth can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s reservoir.

Sterling Fluid Systems features two new pump series for water applications. SIHImultiSteel pumps type MSS are vertical multistage centrifugal pumps with round flanges and equipped with a standard IEC motor. These pumps meet the technical demands of industrial applications and because of their modern design are reliable, quiet and easy to maintain. The ZLND is a single-stage centrifugal pump available according to DIN 24255 as well as according to the chemical pump standard ISO 5199.

VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE launches the new PumpSelector Spaix V2. The new software, which is unique throughout the world in its functional diversity, also takes account of complex selection algorithms such as, for example, those for magnet drive pumps, vertical line shaft pumps or the curve correction according to the motor performance. Its simplified operation enables the software to deliver the optimum solution, not just for pump manufacturers, but equally as well for operators, planners and engineering offices.

Watson-Marlow-Pumps, the world s largest manufacturer of peristaltic pumps, shows the 300 series. It is designed exclusively for laboratory pumping needs, and brings a stunning new level of performance and quality to the benchtop.

A main trend at WILO is the application of integrated electronic controls to a wider product range. Electronic inline pumps of the series IL-E (single pump) and DL-E (twin pump) are available up to 22 kW. The glanded centrifugal pump are suitable for pipe-supported installation, with integrated frequency converter for automatic variable speed control responding to constant (dp-c) or variable (dp-v) differential pressure control impulses. In opposite to the predecessor models these pumps are equipped with a standard motor and an elastic coupling.

The Sub-TWU borehole series are now available up to 10“ nominal diameter with a maximum flow of 300 m³/h and a maximum head up to 250 m. The fully submersible multi-stage centrifugal pump has a sectional design with semi-axial impellers. It is suitable to displace water with a sand content of max. 50 g/m³.


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