New Uniglide-e Upgraded by Clydeunion Pumps


Clydeunion Pumps committed significant investment in R&D to develop a new version of its split case pump range, by creating the Uniglide-e.

New Uniglide-e Upgraded by Clydeunion Pumps

Uniglide-e vertical arrangement & Uniglide-e horizontal arrangement

Awarded ‘Technology Innovation of the year’ by the British Pump Manufacturer Association in 2005, the Uniglide-e is a modern split case pump that is easier to assemble through unique design features and modern manufacturing techniques. The design focus was to maximise the pump efficiency levels as well as improve the maintenance aspect of the pump to better meet our customers’ requirements. Another important benefit of the Uniglide-e is its major footprint reduction of 70% in vertical configuration, without added cost.

The Uniglide-e pump has benefited the industry since its launch with thousands of units distributed to our customers in 30 countries within Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, China, Russia, India and the Americas.

We keep looking at ways to improve our products in the water and desalination markets, which is why we have further improved the Uniglide-e seal and bearing options and introduced standard steel alloy variants in 2011.

Clydeunion Pumps Showcases its Uniglide-e Pump at the IDA World Congress 2011.

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