Egger: Higher Efficiency with Maintenance-Free Lifting Stations

In recent years, the composition of wastewater has changed considerably, and pumping of untreated raw wastewater has become more and more challenging. Pump hydraulics which were used in the past without any problems and with satisfactory results, are becoming clogged more and more often.
Egger: Higher Efficiency with Maintenance-Free Lifting Stations

Maintenance-free pumping station PW Römerberg with Egger Turo® TA 83-200 V6, municipality of Römerberg-Dudenhofen, Germany. The pumps have been pumping raw sewage with a high sand content for over 5 years without any failure. (Image source: Emile Egger & Cie SA)

In the past few years, Egger has become known for its Turo TA Vortex pump series for clog-free and safe pumping of raw sewage. Numerous pumping stations have successfully used the Turo TA Vortex pump over the past years.

In order to increase the operational security of maintenance intense pumping stations, Egger released, five years ago, a maintenance-free pump series for pumping municipal sewage with a high content of fibers. This concept allows operation for up to four years without the need for regular service and maintenance work on the pump units. For lifting stations located far from the main treatment plant, the autonomous operation of the pumps reduces operating costs.

A space-saving and operator-friendly vertical installation combined with the Turo TA sewage hydraulics and the hydrodynamic shaft seal Eurodyn convert the pumps to maintenance-free units. The first pumping stations have already been running trouble-free for over five years. Also, big wastewater associations such as the Emschergenossenschaft Lippeverband EGLV are relying on maintenance-free pumping stations and have several of these successfully in operation.

In preparation for the upcoming fair IFAT, Egger has enlarged its portfolio in maintenance-free products. In addition to various new servicing-free pump solutions for the wastewater technology, the Iris diaphragm control valves are also designed for maintenance-free operation.

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