New circulator with electronic motor control


The German KSB Aktiengesellschaft will present the new wet-rotor pump type Rio-Eco at the ISH international trade fair "Sanitation, Heating, Air-conditioning" (25-29 March 2003) in Frankfurt (Main) / Germany. According to a manufacturer's statement the new pump will enable energy savings of up to 80 % compared with fixed-speed pumps.

New circulator with electronic motor control

Rio-Eco, the new circulator pump with electronically commutated motor for digital building management (photo: KSB Aktiengesellschaft, Frankenthal, Germany).

Such energy savings are achieved thanks to the advanced motor design, reduced-speed operation at night, differential pressure control and a good hydraulic efficiency of impeller and volute casing, as well as the eddy current free, non-metallic can. With its integrated electronics, the new wet-rotor pump type Rio-Eco can be used for continuously variable differential pressure control in the entire field of HVAC applications. Conventional variable speed pumps of this design with integrated electronics used to be unsuitable for cooling circuit applications, since condensation frequently accumulated in the electronic device, eventually causing it to fail.

The pump is driven by a synchronous motor fitted with a permanent magnet rotor, so that the magnetic field required in the rotor does not have to be generated by electrical energy. The rotating magnetic field in the stator is produced by electronic pole reversal, which also serves to adjust rotor speed. In part-load operation in particular, this makes for a considerably higher motor efficiency than in conventional asynchronous motors. The EC drive principle also allows higher speeds. A motor protection device with integrated tripping function obviates the need for external monitoring equipment, which saves installation time and cost. With a retrofittable LON interface, the pump can easily be integrated into all standard digital building management systems. Single pump units can produce flow rates of up to 13 m³/h, and twin pumps of up to 22 m³/h. The maximum discharge head is approx. 12 m.

The new pump will be available in Germany only!

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