KSB Presents Products


Among other things, KSB presents the newly developed concept of a maintenance workstation for hygienic food pumps only. The so-called LSA (Life Sciences Applications) hygiene workstation is equipped with stainless steel surfaces, work benches that are easy to clean, and tools and clothing for use in this workstation only.

KSB Presents Products

In Cologne KSB will be presenting its newly developed concept of a maintenance workstation equipped exclusively for hygienic food pumps (Image: KSB SE & Co. KGaA, Frankenthal)

Also, all lubricants supplied are FDA-approved. At the KSB stand in Cologne, such a workstation will be demonstrated by a service engineer performing maintenance work on a hygienic pump live at regular intervals.

The pump manufacturer is also presenting its hygienic pump type series Vitachrom, Vitacast, Vitalobe and Vitaprime. They meet every requirement in respect of sterile processes. The pumps’ excellent cleaning and steaming in place (CIP/SIP) capabilities are specially promoted by electropolished wetted components and the use of high-grade stainless steels. Thanks to the large number of design variants on offer, these pumps are ideally suited for almost any pumping task in the fields of liquid or viscous food transport. All pumps belonging to the Vita series have been awarded the certificates common to the industry, and their elastomer components conform to FDA standards.

MyFlow Drive is the Frankenthal-based manufacturer s new smart drive solution for fixed speed pumps. With the new drive, which is fully compatible with Industry 4.0, the fixed speed levels at the motor can be set to individual requirements. This provides the user with planning reliability as the flow rate of the pumps can be increased or decreased quickly and easily.

The IE5 synchronous reluctance motor can be operated on almost any existing power grid since its supply voltage is modulated by the motor-mounted minimum frequency inverter. For global engineering contractors in particular this is a huge advantage. They no longer need to consider the local mains voltage when selecting pumps.

Representing KSB’s extensive range of valves, SISTO-C diaphragm valves will be showcased alongside HERA BD gate valves and ISORIA butterfly valves. All

SISTO-C components are made exclusively of high-alloy, austenitic materials. The valves’ bodies have no dead volume and can be cleaned without leaving any residues. The use of multi-port valves enables very complex systems without any dead end pipe runs (dead legs).

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