Iwaki America Expands Production Capability


Iwaki America has completed a renovation and expansion of its chemical process pump production facilities at its Holliston, Massachusetts operation.

These enhancements will nearly double the company's CPI pump throughput capabilities. John Miersma, Iwaki America's General Manager explains "More and more, Iwaki CPI pumps are proving to be the solutions to demanding users' value equations where the variables of reliability, efficiency and expert engineering support are key."

Peter Brule, the company's Engineering Manager adds: "The CPI moves are the first in a series of planned operational improvements. Next, industrial pump production capacity will be expanded followed by changes in the OEM product cells."

Iwaki America is adding new pumps to its OEM product line at an accelerated pace and recently launched an OEM products website at www.iwarkicustompumps.com. The full range of Iwaki America products is shown at www.iwakiamerica.com and can also be accessed through www.globalspec.com.

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