ISH 2007: News About Heating, Climate and Solar Technology


On March 5, the ISH Frankfurt began and was there to report back on the most important news in the area of pump technology. This time we start with circulators, building automation and solar technology.

Heating, Climate and Solar Technology

Circulation Pumps

Biral A15 (photo Biral AG) Just in time fort he ISH Frankfurt Biral introduces its complete range of Biral Mini-Energy-Pumps. Being the inventor of the energy-saving pump, the Swiss company today offers a complete, well-scaled series in accordance with the EU energy label A. Energy efficiency has long been a high priority for Biral AG. The development of the first highly efficient circulation pump set the standards and that was years ago. For the heat circulation pump MC10 developed by Wolfram Meyer Biral was awarded the Wuppertaler Energie- und Umweltpreis (Wuppertal Energy and Environment Award) in 2000 as well as the Swiss Prix Eta Plus.

Today, Biral offers a complete range of mini energy pumps in 10 sizes. The energy saving at full load is 30%, at partial load even more than 60%. These high efficiencies are reached thanks to the use of the new permanent-magnet motor. The entire series from A12 to A16/A401 can be fully geared to serve as control system.

DAB DPH-E The new electronic circulation pumps BPH-E and DPH-E by DAB have integrated electronic controls that provided different control modes. Simple installation, operations and maintenance and as well as the silent operation are part of the outstanding features of this sturdy and dependable design. With fluid temperatures from -10°C to 120°C the pumps are suitable for the use in heating and equally air conditioning. Delivery range for single pumps is above 60 m³/h and a maximum head of about 18 m. The pumps are also available in double pump systems DPH-E with twice the discharche flow.

Grundfos introduces the Alpha2 which is advancement of the permanent-magnet motor pump Alpha Pro. The controlled compact canned-rotor type pump with ECM technology has an auto-adapt-function which calculates the best rated value based on a given algorithm in the micro processor. Entering the nominal value is redundant in 80% of all cases which makes the operation much more user friendly. New is also the stainless steel version in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance which makes it well suitable for drinking water circulation.

 IMP NMT (photo IMP)The Slovenian pump manufactuer IMP Pumps presents the permanent-magnet motor pumps NMT-20, its first circulation pump in energy class A. With delivery of up to 4 m³/h and a maximum head of 6 m the company views its products as well-priced alternative to the competition.

The new, energy saving circulation pumps from Lowara supplement the product range of the manufacturer who sees himself as solution provider for building technology. The aggregates are available in various sizes and models in order to cover the entire application range of circulator pumps.

Laing Ecocirc vario (photo Laing) Laing presents economical heating pumps for the price of an unregulated standard pump. The ball-motor pump makes a noticeable energy saving possible at no extra cost. Basis for the efficiency of the new heat pump are electronically commuted ball-motor pumps with permanent-magnetic rotor (ECM). The pumps can be supplied as Ecocirc vario E4 with a head of 4 m and power intake of only 9 – 35 Watts and as a 6 meter pump Ecocirc vario E6 with 9 – 63 Watts starting at the end of March in common sizes 130 and 180mm with connections of 1“, 1 ¼“, 1 ½“ and 2“. Optional are the heat insulating shells fort he pump housing.

The circulator pump U 75 is an extention by another stage of the U 25 to U 55 range from WITA. The aggregate is now also available as flange pump with a nominal width of DN 40. The pump is designed for the circulation of warm water in medium and large central heaters and is suitable for the delivery of thin media in industrial applications. It is also suitable for solar systems. WITA uses prime cast iron and nickel chrome steel. These materials guarantee high resistance and a multi-purpose application range.

System Technology and Building Automation

„Building the Future“ is the ITT Group’s motto under which it presents a joint booth. The brands Flygt, Lowara, Vogel and Wedeco emphazise ITT’s claim to be a global system provider for the building, water treatment and waste water technologies.

ITT Hydrovar One of ITT’s highlights is the new generation of the Hydrovar controls. The system is not only an easy to use speed control for pump motors but a micro processor control system which automatically controles and regulates and therefore optimizes the pump performance in accordance with the operating conditions and system requirements. With the modular actuator system up to 8 pumps with 8 master actuators or any combination of master and slave can be joined into one system. Hydrovar can be mounted to all standard motors and that makes it suitable for new systems as well as independent motor brands and pump makes for retrofits of existing pumps. Because of the now also integrated ModBus interface the control can be easily embedded into superordinate host systems.

Laing BM mini (photo Laing)The compact admixture set from Laing BM mini (w 240 x h 195 x d 95mm) is designed for the direct connection of one or two floor heating circuits with an area of up to 40 m2 to one heating circuit. The higher temperature level of the heating circuit (e.g. 70 °C) is mixed down to the lower level of the floor heating circuit (e.g. 40 °C). Decentralized floor heating systems can easily be retrofit with the existing heating system. The combine d operation of heaters and floor heating systems, e. g. in bathrooms can easily be realized.

What is new is the option of easy filling. So far, filling from the primary side was not possible due to the integrated bypass. That is why Laing now has developed an improved version with a throttle or a shut-off valve for easy filling on the boiler side. This makes filling easy: after closing the ball valve inside the bypass the floor side can be filled from the heater side. After filling and venting the bypass is opened and the installed pump assumes the circulation in the floor heating circuit.

Wilo Arena (photo Wilo) Wilo AG, the pump specialist from Dortmund presented an innovative booth at this year’s ISH in Frankfurt. The “Wilo Arena” served as communication center where Wilo experts and TV host Britta Schweinhage provided visitors with entertaining presentations on current trends.

The highlights were, for example, current trends and developments in building automation. Electronically controlled Wilo pumps can be flexibly integrated via modern bus systems. They support all current communication standards. In future, an open data exchange will also be possible, so that restrictions of current standards like PLR interfaces are a thing of the past.

Solar Technology

Wilo Stratos ECO-ST (photo Wilo)The high-efficiency pump "Wilo-Stratos ECO-ST" for thermal solar systems celebrated its premiere at the trade fair. This pump completes the product range of the Dortmund pump specialist of particularly energy-saving circulation pumps in glandless construction for smaller performance ranges. The product range now includes a new solution for thermal solar installations, in addition to the versions "Wilo-Stratos ECO" for hot water heating in one to six-family houses, "Wilo-Stratos ECO-Z" for secondary hot water circulation systems and "Stratos ECO(-Z)-BMS"-high-efficiency pumps with interfaces for building automation. The high-efficiency pumps from the "Stratos ECO" range allow a reduction of electricity costs for pump operation by up to 80 per cent in comparison to uncontrolled standard pumps. The EC motor has a three times higher starting torque which ensures a safe start-up after long standstill periods.

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