Hydraulic Institute Collaborates with Fluid Sealing Association on New Webinar Series


Hydraulic Institute (HI), in collaboration with the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA), is set to unveil the new ‘Gasket Principles & Best Practices’ two-part webinar series on November 4, 2014.

The series will be led by Charlie Miskell, Vice President of Inertech, Inc., Member of FSA Gasketing Division since 1993, and FSA Board Member since 2005.

The series examines basic gasket concepts and best installation principles and covers equipment considerations, material selection, and failure analysis techniques.

Mark Sullivan, HI Education & Marketing Director, explains that, “The gasket principles and best practices webinar series offers a two-pronged learning approach. Session one offers insight to basic gasketing concepts and gasket installation principles, adding, “Session two addresses equipment and fastener considerations, material selection and common uses, and field failure analysis techniques.”

The first session begins November 4th and the second session begins November 6th. Each session begins at 1:00pm ET and lasts approximately one hour. All paid registrants, who attend the live webinar sessions, receive two continuing education credits directly from HI.

Interested parties may register in the HI eStore.

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