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26.10.2021: Hydraulic Institute Circulator Pump Energy Rating Label Now Available on Participating Brands

01.07.2021: Hydraulic Institute and Valve Manufacturers Association Presents Virtual Market Outlook Workshop

14.06.2021: Hydraulic Institute’s Circulator Pump Energy Rating Program Increases Savings and Sustainability

17.05.2021: Hydraulic Institute Announces Cooperative Partnership with Turbomachinery Laboratory

07.04.2021: Hydraulic Institute Announces Appointment of New Board of Directors

15.02.2021: WILO USA Test Lab Facility Approved by Hydraulic Institute

18.12.2020: Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

14.12.2020: Hydraulic Institute Wins 2020 Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for Innovation

03.12.2020: ANSI/HI Pump Standards 4.2 Version Now Available

29.10.2020: Pump Systems Assessment Professional (PSAP) Certification Exam Now Available Online

07.10.2020: HI Launches Free Pump Savings Calculator

20.08.2020: Hydraulic Institute Seeks Reviewers for ANSI Canvass Ballots

17.07.2020: Hydraulic Institute Expands Access to Pump System Training Resources

03.07.2020: HI Launches Resources to Help Utilities Build Pump-Focused Incentive Programs

04.05.2020: The Hydraulic Institute’s Energy Rating Program Database Hits 9,400 Products

26.03.2020: Hydraulic Institute Celebrates 4th Annual Pump Industry Excellence Award Program

20.03.2020: Hydraulic Institute Announces Board of Directors for 2020-2021

17.03.2020: Hydraulic Institute Continues Legacy of Recognizing Key Contributors to the Institute through Annual Awards Program

28.11.2019: Hydraulic Institute Publishes First of its Kind Pump Application Guideline for Commercial Building Services

04.11.2019: Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Drivers Application Guidebook

30.08.2019: Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Combined Rotodynamic Pump Single Series Standards

22.08.2019: Hydraulic Institute Launches Energy Rating Certificate Program

17.05.2019: PSG Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

29.04.2019: Hydraulic Institute Announces Board of Directors for 2019-2020

12.04.2019: Hydraulic Institute Recognizes Key Contributors to the Institute through Annual Awards Program

17.10.2018: ANSI/HI 9.6.4 Standard Committee Seeking Vibration Data

05.07.2018: Hydraulic Institute & Pump Systems Matter Launches Authorized Training Partner Program

18.04.2018: Hydraulic Institute Continues Legacy of Recognizing Key Contributors to the Institute through Annual Awards Program

23.03.2018: The Hydraulic Institute (HI) 2018 Annual Conference Closed with the Gala & Awards Dinner

06.12.2017: Saline Water Conversion Corporation and Hydraulic Institute Partner to Bring Pump Systems Optimization Training to Saudi Arabia

23.06.2017: Hydraulic Institute to Co-Locate 2017 Fall Conference with Fluid Sealing Association Fall Meeting

27.04.2017: Hydraulic Institute Creates New Rating Label to Help Consumers Save Energy & Money

03.04.2017: Hydraulic Institute Partners with the Canadian Institute for Energy Training to bring Pump Systems Optimization Course to Canada

04.01.2017: Taco, Inc. Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

16.12.2016: Hydraulic Institute Members Reach Consensus Recommendation for an Energy Conservation Standard Level for Circulator Pumps as Part of ASRAC Working Group

22.11.2016: Hydraulic Institute Unveils New Logo & Prepares For the Next 100 Years of Service to the Pump Industry

11.11.2016: A Free Joint Hydro & HI Webinar Offers Insights on When and Why Certified Pump Testing is Critical

05.10.2016: The Hydraulic Institute 2016 Fall Conference Takes Place October 24-27, 2016

26.09.2016: The Pump Systems Assessment Certificate Program

20.07.2016: Hydraulic Institute Announces Summer 2016 Webinar Line-up

20.05.2016: Hydraulic Institute to Present at Pump Summit Americas 2016 Conference

03.05.2016: Hydraulic Institute to Present Technical Session at the Njwea John J. Lagrosa 101st Annual Conference

25.04.2016: The Hydraulic Institute 2016 Technical Meeting Begins June 27, 2016

14.04.2016: Hydraulic Institute Develops Two New Pump Systems Assessment Certification Programs to Ensure High Quality Pump Systems Audits

06.04.2016: Massachusetts DEP Initiates Statewide Pump System Optimization Training for Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities

30.03.2016: Crane Pump & Systems Test Lab Facility Approved Through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

22.03.2016: IER Services to Host Pump Systems and Variable Frequency Drives Optimization Course to Assist Customers in Identifying Opportunities for Greatest Pump Improvements

17.03.2016: Hydraulic Institute Announces 2015 Member of the Year Award

09.03.2016: Flowserve Corporation Test Lab Facility Approved through Hydraulic Institute’s Pump Test Lab Approval Program

02.03.2016: HI Offers Webinar on Effective Pump Intake Design

24.02.2016: Department of Energy Releases Two Final Rulings on Testing & Energy Conservation for Pumps

01.02.2016: Hydraulic Institute Offers NPSH Webinar

21.01.2016: Hydraulic Institute 2016 Annual Conference Begins February 11, 2016

18.01.2016: The Hydraulic Institute Supports the Pump Industry as the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Issues Final Rules on Test Procedures and Energy Conservation Standards for Commercial and Industrial Pumps

08.01.2016: Hydraulic Institute Sponsors First Series of Successful Penn State University Engineering Capstone Projects with Members

09.12.2015: The Pump System Optimization Program by the Hydraulic Institute

05.10.2015: HI Offers a Slurry Pump Webinar

25.09.2015: Hydro Test Lab Facility Becomes First Ever Approved Pump Test Lab

18.09.2015: Hydraulic Institute Launches New Pump Test Approval Program

09.09.2015: Department of Energy (DOE) Interested in Regulating the Efficiency of Circulator Pumps

04.09.2015: Hydraulic Institute Publishes Rotodynamic Pump Efficiency Prediction Guideline Update

20.08.2015: HI Seeks Reviewers for Drafts of Updated ANSI/HI 10.1-10.5 Air-Operated Pumps

05.08.2015: Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Guidebook

29.07.2015: Excel Apparatus Services to Host First Pump System Optimization Training

24.07.2015: Pumps System Data Sought by Extended Motor Product Label Initiative: Initial Focus on Building Services Sector

17.07.2015: Ambeone DMCC Hosts First Pump Systems Optimization Course in Middle East with Oil Production Enabler Gasco UAE

26.06.2015: Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Guidebook Wastewater Treatment Plant Pumps

17.06.2015: Pump Energy Index (PEI) Calculation Tool Available to the Pump Industry

04.06.2015: HI Produces Latest Ansi/HI Pump Standards on CD

08.05.2015: HI Announces First Webinar in 2015 on Guidlelines for NPSH Margin for Rotodynamic Pumps

10.04.2015: HI Offers a Reliability of Pumping Equipment Webinar Series

07.04.2015: HI Offers a Three-Part Wastewater Pump Webinar

02.04.2015: Hydraulic Institute Announced the Release of Two Notices of Proposed Rulemaking

30.03.2015: The Hydraulic Institute Announces the Appointment of Michael Michaud

25.03.2015: Registration Now Open for the 2015 Hydraulic Institute Technical Meeting

20.03.2015: HI and Ambeone DMCC-Dubai Sing Joint Pump Training Partnership Agreement

18.03.2015: HI Announces 2015 – 2016 Board of Directors and Officers

06.03.2015: HI Announces 2014 Member of the Year

12.01.2015: Hydraulic Institute Released Four Updated ANSI/HI Pump Standards

19.12.2014: Hydraulic Institute Announces First Variable Speed Drives Webinar Series of 2015

12.12.2014: HI Announces Date for Webinar on Rotodynamic Pumps

05.12.2014: Advanced Mechanical Seals 4-Part Webinar Series Begins Soon

20.11.2014: Hydraulic Institute Releases new Rotodynamic Pumps – Guideline for Dynamics of Pumping Machinery (ANSI/HI 9.6.8–2014)

14.11.2014: New HI Online Store Launched

29.10.2014: HI to Unveil New ‘Dynamics of Pumping Machinery’ Webinar Series

22.10.2014: Hydraulic Institute Collaborates with Fluid Sealing Association on New Webinar Series

17.09.2014: HI Announces Two Key Staff Changes in Technical Organization

10.09.2014: Lewa-Nikkiso America & Hydraulic Institute Enter Mutual Training Partner Agreement

09.09.2014: HI Executive Director to Retire: Search for Replacement Launched

28.08.2014: HI Announces Upcoming Variable Speed Drives 4-Part Webinar Series

21.08.2014: Iwaki America and HI Enter Mutual Training Partner Agreement

15.08.2014: HI Announces Upcoming Pump Fundamentals Webinar on Rotodynamic Centrifugal Pumps

11.08.2014: Hydraulic Institute Opens Registration For 2014 Fall Meeting

16.06.2014: HI Introduces New Dual Gas Seals Improve Pump System Reliability & Performance Webinar

20.05.2014: HI Introduces New Advanced Mechanical Seals Webinar Series

30.04.2014: Hydraulic Institute Develops New Webinar on Rotodynamic Pumps: Guidelines for NPSH Margin

16.04.2014: Hydraulic Institute Enters into Training Partner Agreement with ABB and Baldor Electric Company

09.04.2014: HI & PSM Announce Date for the First Pump Acceptance Testing For Rotodynamic Pumps Webinar of 2014

04.04.2014: The Hydraulic Institute Introduces New Rotodynamic Pumps Webinar for Vibration Measurement and Allowable Values

27.03.2014: HI & PSM Announce the First 3-Part Slurry Pumps Webinar Series 2014

21.03.2014: HI & PSM Announce Dates for the Introduction to Mechanical Seals 4-Part Webinar Series

17.03.2014: HI Announces 2013 Young Engineer of the Year

04.03.2014: The HI Announces 2014 – 2015 Board of Directors and Officers

28.02.2014: Registration Now Open for the 2014 HI Technical Meeting

24.02.2014: HI Announces Member of the Year Award

31.01.2014: HI & PSM Debut Latest Training Webinar Series On Power Plant Pumps

13.01.2014: Recognized Pump Leaders Grundfos USA and HI Sign Mutual Training Partner Agreement

03.01.2014: HI & Empowering Pumps Announce New Strategic Training Partnership

04.12.2013: HI Announces 2014 Annual Meeting

27.11.2013: HI & PSM Announce 2-Part Webinar Series On Pump Systems Optimization

26.11.2013: John Kahren & Richard Hanson Become Qualified Subject Matter Experts & Instructors with the Hydraulic Institute

19.11.2013: Recognized Pump Leaders Hydro Inc. and Hydraulic Institute Sign Mutal Training Partner Agreement

12.11.2013: HI & PSM Announce Date for Final Webinar of 2013

16.10.2013: HI and PSM Announce the Last 3-Part Slurry Pumps Webinar Series Of 2013

09.09.2013: Hydraulic Institute Publishes New Guidebook

05.09.2013: Online Seminar: Pump Acceptance Testing for Rotodynamic Pumps in Water & Wastewater Facilities

22.08.2013: HI Opens Registration for 2013 Fall Meeting

24.07.2013: HI & PSM Announce Dates for Mechanical Seals 4-Part Webinar Series

19.07.2013: HI & PSM Announce Date for Second Pump Acceptance Testing for Rotodynamic Pumps Webinar of 2013

27.05.2013: 2013 Market Outlook Workshop Scheduled for San Diego, August 8-9

22.05.2013: HI Announces Young Engineer of the Year for 2012

17.05.2013: New Pump Webinar for Acceptance Testing for Rotodynamic Pumps in Water & Wastewater Facilities

16.05.2013: HI Enlists Participants to Review New Standard – Rotary Condition Monitoring

13.05.2013: HI Seeks Reviewers for Draft of Updated ANSI/HI 2.1-2.2

03.05.2013: Hydraulic Institute Seeks Reviewers

24.04.2013: Baldor Electric Company to Host Pump Systems Optimization One-day Course

16.04.2013: HI Seeks Reviewers For Updated Standard

11.04.2013: HI Announces Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

09.04.2013: HI Enlists Participants to Review a New Guideline

05.04.2013: Hydraulic Institute Announces 2013 Board of Directors And Officers

02.04.2013: Registration Now Open For The 2013 Hydraulic Institute Technical Meeting

26.03.2013: HI Announces Complimentary Webinar Series on the New Electronic Data Exchange Technology for the Pump Industry

22.03.2013: HI & PSM Announce First Slurry Pumps Webinar Series of 2013

21.03.2013: The Hydraulic Institute Announces Standards VIPs

07.03.2013: HI Announces 2012 Member of the Year

27.02.2013: PSM & HI Announce First Pump Acceptance Testing for Rotodynamic Pumps Webinar of 2013

14.02.2013: Hydraulic Institute & Pump Systems Matter Announce First Mechanical Seals Webinar Series of 2013

06.02.2013: U.S. Department of Energy Releases “Framework” Document on Pump Efficiency Rule-making

30.01.2013: Hydraulic Institute Debuts Latest Standard on CD

25.01.2013: HI Publishes ANSI/HI 9.6.1–2012 Rotodynamic Pumps Guideline For NPSH Margin

18.01.2013: Hydraulic Institute Publishes ANSI/HI 9.8–2012 Rotodynamic Pumps for Pump Intake Design Standard

17.01.2013: Hydraulic Institute Expands Membership Globally

05.12.2012: HI Announces 2013 Annual Meeting Registration Open Now

29.11.2012: Webinar: Pump Acceptance Testing for Rotodynamic Pumps

28.11.2012: HI Enlists Participants to Review Reciprocating Standards

17.10.2012: Hydraulic Institute Releases New Controlled Volume Metering for Test Standard

26.09.2012: HI & PSM Announce Second Webinar Series On Slurry Pumps in 2012

30.08.2012: Hydraulic Institute & Pump Systems Matter Announce Second Mechanical Seals Webinar Series of 2012

17.08.2012: HI Opens Registration for 2012 Fall Meeting

26.07.2012: HI Announces Broadened Associate Membership for Pump Industry Supplier

18.07.2012: Hydraulic Institute Updates Rotodynamic Pumps Guideline

16.07.2012: HI Updates Rotodynamic Submersible Pumps Standard

14.06.2012: HI Enlists Participants to Review Draft of Ansi Approved Rotodynamic (Vertical) Pump Design and Application Standard

24.05.2012: HI Joins Engineering & Science Career Network

21.05.2012: Hydraulic Institute Expands Membership Globally

14.05.2012: Valve and Pump Industries’ Annual Market Insight Event

29.03.2012: HI & PSM Announce Free ISO 50001 Webinar on April 9th

23.03.2012: Registration Now Open for the 2012 HI Technical Meeting

22.03.2012: HI Announces 2012 Board of Directors And Officers

12.03.2012: Free Sealing Systems Energy Efficiency Webinar Presented by PSM & HI

07.03.2012: HI Announces 2012 Mechanical Seals Webinar Series

02.03.2012: HI Announces Member of the Year Award

18.01.2012: HI Announces Webinar Series On Slurry Pumps

21.12.2011: HI Announces Webinar Series on Variable Speed Drives

15.11.2011: HI Announces 2012 Annual Meeting Registration Open Now

01.11.2011: HI Seeks Reviewers for Updated Standard

12.10.2011: HI Releases Updated Nozzleloads Standard (ANSI/HI 9.6.2)

04.10.2011: HI Debuts Latest Standards on CD

26.09.2011: Hydraulic Institute Releases New Test Standard (ANSI/HI 14.6 − 2011)

10.08.2011: HI Opens Registration for 2011 Fall Meeting

20.07.2011: HI Announces Mechanical Seals Summer Webinar Series

30.03.2011: Registration Now Open for Hydraulic Institute’s 2011 Technical Meeting

17.03.2011: HI Announces 2011 Board of Directors and Officers

22.02.2011: HI Updates Air-Operated Pumps Standard and Air-Operated Pumps Test Standard

17.02.2011: HI Introduces Pump Efficiency Prediction Guideline Publication

08.02.2011: Hydraulic Institute Updates Viscosity Correction Standard

24.11.2010: HI Updates Sealless Rotodynamic Pump Standard and Sealless Magnetically Driven Rotary Pump Standard

18.11.2010: HI Debuts Updated Standard for Rotary Pump Tests

09.09.2010: HI Announces Update of ANSI/HI Standard 1.4

17.06.2010: HI Releases Complete Set of All ANSI/HI Pump Standards on CD-ROM

06.05.2010: HI Sets Agenda for 2010 Spring Meeting

12.04.2010: Hydraulic Institute & Pump Systems Matter Offer New Course

19.03.2010: HI Announces “Member of The Year” Award

11.03.2010: Hydraulic Institute Announces 2010 Board of Directors and Officers

14.10.2009: HI Announces “Standards By Subscription”

30.09.2009: Successful Launch of Systems Optimzation Course

24.09.2009: Hydraulic Institute and TAPPI Announce Partnership

21.09.2009: HI Publishes Rotodynamic Pumps For Vibration Measurements and Allowable Values Standard

03.06.2009: Hydraulic Institute Releases ANSI/HI Pump Standards CD-ROM Version 2.1

23.03.2009: HI Honors Dave McKinstry With Lifetime Achievement Award

13.03.2009: Randal S. Ferman Named Hydraulic Institute’s 2008 Member Of The Year

18.02.2009: HI Launches New Positive Displacement Pump e-Learning Course

03.02.2009: PSM & HI to Co-Sponsor Pumping Systems Optimization Course at WQA Aquatech 2009

27.01.2009: Hydraulic Institute Publishes Rotodynamic (Vertical) Pumps For Nomenclature And Definitions

23.12.2008: Hydraulic Institute 2009 Annual Meeting: Registration Now Open!

10.12.2008: Hydraulic Institute Announces New Members For 2008

02.10.2008: Hydraulic Institute Adds New “Standards Partners”

08.09.2008: Mary Maul Named Director of Knowledge & Education at the HI

05.09.2008: Participants Sought to Review Draft of Updated Standard 3.6

22.08.2008: The Hydraulic Institute Opens Registration for 2008 Fall Management and Technical Meeting

05.08.2008: HI to Release New Optimizing Pumping Systems Guidebook

16.07.2008: The Hydraulic Institute Completes Successful 2008 Spring Technical Meeting

04.06.2008: Market Outlook Workshop for the Pump & Valve Industries

02.06.2008: Hydraulic Institute Names Executive Leadership Team & 2008 Board of Directors

02.06.2008: Michael S. Cropper Named 2007 Member of the Year by The Hydraulic Institute

04.12.2007: Registration Is Now Open For 2008 Hydraulic Institute Annual Meeting

12.09.2007: Hydraulic Institute Seeks Reviewers For Updated Intake Design Standard

11.09.2007: Hydraulic Institute Seeks Reviewers For Updated Rotary Pump Standard

24.08.2007: Pumping Systems Optimization Course

24.08.2007: HI And FSA Team Up To Offer Mechanical Seal Course

18.01.2007: Hydraulic Institute Announces New Standards Partner Relationship

20.12.2006: HI and FSA Team up to Offer Mechanical Seal Course

08.12.2006: Free Pumps Systems Improvement Modeling Tool

06.10.2006: Pump Systems Matter™ Announces New Sponsors

09.08.2006: Pump Systems Matter Website Launched

27.07.2006: 2006 Fall Management Conference

20.12.2005: HI Career HQ Officially Launched

17.03.2005: US Pump Manufacturers Launch Educational Initiative

17.03.2005: Graeme Addie Honored as 2004 HI Member of the Year

17.03.2005: HI Members Elected New Board of Directors

01.02.2005: Hydraulic Institute (HI) Annual Meeting Registration

06.01.2005: Focus on Adding Value to Our Businesses and Our Lives

16.09.2004: Educational Initiative Pump Systems Matter

02.08.2004: Guideline on Variable Speed Pumping

02.08.2004: Chairman of International Pump Industry Standardization Committee

02.08.2004: Wanted: Slurry Pump Professionals

30.03.2004: Members Elect New Board of Directors and Officers

26.03.2004: Hydraulic Institute Honors Robert Stanbury

15.12.2003: HI Annual Meeting Registration

13.08.2003: Hydraulic Institute and Valve Manufacturers Host 2003 Fall Management Conference

09.07.2003: Web-based Subscription Service for ANSI-Approved Pump Industry Standards

03.06.2003: Hydraulic Institute Introduces Web-based Education Program

16.04.2003: Hydraulic Institute Honors David McKinstry

16.04.2003: HI Announces 2003-2004 Board of Directors and Officers

10.10.2002: Hydraulic Institute Endorses NEMA PREMIUM™

10.10.2002: ANSI/HI Pump Standards, 2002 Release on CD-ROM

29.07.2002: HI Works with SWPA to Publish New Ansi-Approved Submersible Pump Test Standard

29.07.2002: Hydraulic Institute Canvasses Participants for ANSI-Approved Standards Update

29.07.2002: Hydraulic Institute Works with DOE to Shape Future Energy Efficiency Initiatives for Pump Industry

16.04.2002: Members Elect New Board of Directors and Officers at Hydraulic Institute Annual Meeting

16.04.2002: Hydraulic Institute Salutes Gunnar Hovstadius, PhD., as 2001 Member of the Year

16.04.2002: Hydraulic Institute Outlines 2002-2005 Strategic Plan: Expanding Focus from Pumps to “Pumping Systems”

05.02.2002: Hydraulic Institute Conducts Canvass for Participants in ANSI Approved Slurry Pump Standards

30.01.2002: Save Big on Cutting-Edge Audio and Web Conferencing – The More HI Members Participate, the Bigger the Savings

23.01.2002: Focus on “Involving The Next Generation”

23.01.2002: Hydraulic Institute Announces 2002 Statistics Program – Participants Gain Management Insights

23.01.2002: Pump Users and Consultants to Play Key Role in Hydraulic Institute Standards Development

04.12.2001: Hydraulic Institute Organizes Small Business Network for Members

04.12.2001: New Web Site Technology Provides Association with Additional Income Stream and Complete Protection

04.12.2001: Secure, Convenient Electronic Standards Now Available from Hydraulic Institute

04.12.2001: HI E-Store Now Offers Subscription to Monthly Patent News

05.09.2001: Hydraulic Institute Publishes ANSI Standard for Nozzle Loads on Centrifugal and Vertical Pumps

05.09.2001: Hydraulic Institute Marks One-Year Anniversary of Web Site Launch: Supplier Finder and Free Downloads the Most Popular Features of Site

05.09.2001: Hydraulic Institute Offers Third Edition McGraw Hill Pump Handbook

05.09.2001: PUMP USERS EXPO 2001

23.08.2001: Registration Begins for Hydraulic Institute 2001 Fall Management Conference

28.05.2001: Two Major Pump Associations Announce Method to Address Dramatic Increases In Worldwide Energy Costs

24.04.2001: Members Elect New Board of Directors and Officers at Hydraulic Institute Annual Meeting

24.04.2001: Bob Jung Praised at HI Annual Meeting

09.01.2001: Two Major Pump Associations Announce Solution to Dramatic Increases in Worldwide Energy Costs

09.01.2001: Hydraulic Institute New E-Store Offers Extensive Product Line

09.01.2001: Hydraulic Institute to Sponsor Nat´l Manufacturing Week – Introduces new standards and life cycle cost guidelines at Fluid Handling Pavilion

03.01.2001: 2000 Standards: Now on CD-ROM

03.01.2001: Hydraulic Institute: 2001 Annual Meeting

22.09.2000: Hydraulic Institute Members Assess Pumping Systems with Newly Developed Tool from Department of Energy

14.07.2000: Pump Life Cycle Cost is the Focus of the Pump Users International Forum 2000

07.07.2000: Pump Users International Forum