GF Celebrates 100 years of owning Klostergut Paradies


GF has owned the listed convent Klostergut Paradies in Schlatt, Thurgau, since 1918. At one time, the property was run as a farm to provide food for GF employees. With its stunning location on the banks of the Rhine, the convent building nowadays serves as a modern training center and attractive venue for special events. GF will be organizing a range of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary in 2018

According to A. Gemperle-Beckh, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of GF at that time, it was the “wish to care for its employees” which motivated GF to purchase the former Clarissan convent Paradies in 1918 in spite of challenging times. Today it is used as a Corporate training center and is valued by GF employees from around the world as an oasis of calm. In addition, the property is used as a venue for events organized by dozens of companies and private individuals.

The centenary celebrations will begin on 15 March 2018 with an official ceremony for guests from politics, business and society. At this event, a photography exhibition containing images from the Corporate archives will be unveiled in the listed convent building. The exhibition is entitled “100 years of GF at Klostergut Paradies” and will be open to the public once a month from March to November 2018. There will also be special guided tours.

In addition, two commemorative publications will be issued in spring 2018: First, a photo book entitled “Lebendige Industrie: Blicke in das Konzernarchiv der Georg Fischer AG” will be published by Hier-und-Jetzt, Baden. The book combines images and articles and allows deep insights into the history of GF. Second, a magazine recounting the eventful history of the Klostergut Paradies will be published by the Schaffhausen-based Meier + Cie. publishing house. The special issue magazine will be distributed in the canton of Schaffhausen and in parts of the cantons of Thurgau and Zurich in March 2018.

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