ANDRITZ to Rehabilitate Kaplan Turbines of Ryburg-Schwörstadt Hydropower Plant in Switzerland

International technology group ANDRITZ has received an order from Kraftwerk Ryburg-Schwörstadt AG for the rehabilitation of all four Kaplan turbines at the Ryburg-Schwörstadt hydropower plant on the River Rhine.
ANDRITZ to Rehabilitate Kaplan Turbines of Ryburg-Schwörstadt Hydropower Plant in Switzerland

Ryburg-Schwörstadt hydropower plant on the High Rhine. (Image source: ANDRITZ AG)

With an installed capacity of 120 megawatts, the run-of-river plant is the most powerful hydropower plant on the High Rhine. ANDRITZ is one of the original suppliers, having installed two units back in 1930 when the power plant was first commissioned.

The aim of this rehabilitation project is to ensure the service life and operating safety until the end of the concession as well as to make environmental improvements by installing oil-free bearing systems on wicket gates and oil-free hubs for the new runners. The units will be renovated one after the other between 2023 and 2027. With annual average energy production of about 760 GWh, Ryburg-Schwörstadt generates clean energy from hydropower, thus contributing towards a sustainable and emission-free future.

The ANDRITZ scope of supply and services for the hydro-mechanical overhaul of the four Kaplan turbines, including hydraulic turbine governors, comprises design, engineering, manufacture of new parts, factory overhaul, transport, erection, testing, and commissioning. Especially worth mentioning are the homologous model testing and the supply of four new Kaplan runners with oil-free hubs – the first ever in Switzerland.

The work will be performed by the ANDRITZ location in Kriens, Switzerland, as the contractor responsible for overall project management, logistics and transport, engineering, erection, and commissioning. Model testing and runner design will be carried out at the ANDRITZ location in Tampere, Finland, and manufacture of the new Kaplan runners and factory overhaul of the large turbine components will be conducted at the ANDRITZ manufacturing facility in Ravensburg, Germany.

ANDRITZ is proud to be part of this rehabilitation project. Today, about 90% of all turbines installed in Switzerland were originally installed or refurbished by ANDRITZ or its predecessor companies. ANDRITZ is committed to its customers serving the Swiss hydropower market across the entire ANDRITZ product and service portfolio.


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