Exhibiting Highlights of Pumps & Systems Asia 2002


The Pumps & Systems Asia is one of the largest and most important exhibitions of pumps and related products in the world. IMPELLER.NET – the premier online pump magazine – was been there and will inform you about all exhibiting highlights.

Exhibiting Highlights of Pumps & Systems Asia 2002

The official German participation consisted of 33 exhibitors in 2 pavilions, organised by the German Pump Manufacturer Association (VDMA)

What is going on in the pump industry? Someone said me, everything is already invented. In general it seems to be true, but however there are some innovative solutions for special details, like pump controlling and sealing. Further inventions simplify the installation and the maintenance or they extend the application range of the pumps. And of course such a exhibition is used to promote product range extensions and to launch activities in new markets.

With its engagement at PSA 2002 the Indian pump manufacturer AROMA is present at an international exhibition the first time. The company produces submersible (4”-10”) as well as surface pumps including stainless steel self-priming domestic pumps.

Caprari (www.caprari.com, Italy) - an international market leader for clean- and wastewater pumps - promotes the extensions of the new K series (submersible pumps for wastewater). The performance of the pumps reaches up to 2000 m³/h and about 60 m. The series includes also models with shredding system.

Davies, Craig (www.daviescraig.com.au, Australia) presents a universal fitting electric water pump for cars, trucks, and buses. The pump, known as EWP, was designed to replace the mechanically driven pump to increase the power available to the drive wheels of the vehicle and improve cooling. It would enable improved acceleration and performance, especially at high engine speeds, better control of engine temperature with a massive increase in cooling capacity and fuel savings, especially during high speed cruising and city driving.

DP-Pumps (www.dp-pumps.com, Netherlands) features the new pump control system Megacontrol II. It allows a remote observing, control and maintenance of booster systems via an internet connection. The Megacontrol is a micro-processor control module. It has a wide range of possibilities for programming and optimizing the control of the pumps and pump systems. The Megacontrol is standard usable for controlling boostersets with a maximum of 6 pumps and is programmable by means of the front interface.

Fisher Water Pumps (www.sharpfisher.com, India) introduces the multi-stage stainless steel pump ULTIMA for industrial and residential use. The construction includes rotating parts made by stainless steel, thermal protector and powder coated body.

Little Giant Pump (www.littlegiantpump.com, USA) promotes the condensate pumps of the EC series. These are complete pumping systems designed to remove condensation from the wall mounted, ceiling and fan coil split air conditioning equipment when gravity drainage is not possible.

Besides the condensate removal pump products the company highlights the magnetic drive pumps. The leakproof design allows the application for corrosive fluids e.g. to moving harsh chemicals in electroplating equipment or deionized water in filtration equipment.

The Taiwan based company HUNG PUMP (www.pumps.com.tw) presents the new lightweight submersible JK series. The construction features a non-clogging Vortex impeller with 35 mm free passage. The usage field includes sprinkling and garden applications, pumping of water from farmland or ponds and food processing factories. 

The Turkish pump manufacturer MAS Pompa Sanayii highlights the KMK series. Because the opposed impeller (back to back) these high pressure multistage pumps are automatically balanced. The KMK series is suitable for water supply, boosting and boiler feed applications and can be used for slightly sand contaminated water where axial thrust disc can not be applied.

Meccanica Industriale (www.belardi.it, Italy) offers a wide range of submersible pumps under the label Belardi. The product range includes submersible pumps for 4” and 6” wells for all types of water supply in agricultural, industrial and domestic fields. The mixed-flow pumps are strong against abrasion in quite sandy environment. The performance reaches up to 800 l/min flow and 500 m head.

The company sees its competitive advantage against larger suppliers in high quality products with warranty of maximum reliability for reasonable prices.

The main feature at the booth of SAER Elettropompe (www.saerelettropompe.com, Italy)is the extended range of submersible bore-hole pumps. The range includes pumps from 4” to 12” nominal diameter with a maximum flow up to 600 m³/h and a

maximum head of 850 m.

The SERO Pumpenfabrik (www.seroweb.de, Germany) introduces the new multi-function series SRZS…KK for hot liquid applications. These innovative pumps are equipped with a cooling segment that eliminates the external cooling of shaft sealing. This saves cooling water and costs for monitoring and maintenance. The extremely low NPSH value save costs in installation and guarantees trouble-free operation. The second highlight at SERO is the SEMA pump range designed for all toxic and dangerous liquids, even with entrained air. SERO Pumpen, since several years successful present at the Asian market, aims to set new impulses with the engagement at the PSA, states Beate Zientek-Strietz, Managing Director of the company, against impeller.net.

SHOWFOU Electric Machine (www.showfou.com.tw, Taiwan), manufacturer of water pumps, electric motors and blowers, announced the introduction of the new GV series. The very lightweight design features a Vortex impeller and a double-casing construction for water cooling of the motor. The pump is available for manual operation or for automatic operation with automatic level control. It is equipped with a single phase motor (110/220 V) and is ideal for domestic applications.

The US based pump company STA-RITE (www.starite.com) shows a new range of submersible pumps completely made by stainless steel. The STA-RITE 6TS Submersible features heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction that will outperform ordinary fabricated stainless steel pumps in aggressive water conditions. The heavy-duty, investment-cast stainless steel discharge and suction bracket assures perfect pump-to-motor alignment with any NEMA-standard submersible motor and a secure connection to drop-pipe. The hard chrome-plated top bearing journal reduces wear in harsh conditions, such as sand.

The area of application includes municipal water supply, water fountains, irrigation and mine dewatering. The performance of this series reaches up to a total head of 400 meters and a maximum flow of 70 m³/h resp. 80 m³/h in the 60 Hz version.

Sundyne Coorporation (www.sundyne.com, USA) highlights the new MagMax pumps that combines a canned motor with a magnet drive. This unique pump is set to change the sealless market. It has been developed by HMD/Kontro based on 50 years of feedback and knowledge of sealless applications. This combination of skills and technologies have resulted in a pump that can out perform both of its predecessors and is set to become the choice for many applications.

The Japanese based pump manufacturer Tsurumi (http://www.tsurumipump.co.jp/), presents a new oil lifter that stabilizes the functions of the mechanical seal. That new system will be applied for pumps with 1,5 kW and more motor power. The oil lifter is a lubrication device for the mechanical seal, and it forcibly lubricates the mechanical seal by utilizing the rotating energy of the lubricant. Even if the lubricant falls below the rated volume, it continues to supply lubricant to the top seal faces as well as the bottom seal faces. The oil lifter stabilizes the lubrication and the cooling of the mechanical seal.

The Indian company VENTURA Pumps (www.venturapumps.com) shows new non-self priming monobloc pumps suitable for pressure-boosting for domestic applications, overhead tanks and hotels & apartments. The pump features a high quality extruded aluminium motor body and double-sealed precision ball bearings with life lubrication. The maximum flow is 55 l/min and the maximum head is about 45 m.

VSX – VOGEL SOFTWARE (www.vsx.net, Germany) presents the relaunch of IMPELLER.NET. IMPELLER.NET – the premier online pump magazine with the global PumpSelector – provides the community with the latest information from the industry and supports buyers in their search for the suitable pump. The PumpSelector includes an extensive pump database of presently 12 major pump manufacturers.

Source: impeller.net

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