EurEau: Valuing our Water Services

COP26 is focussing attention on climate change. While water is the backbone of our economy and society, it is also heavily affected by changing weather patterns. Politicians and our societies as a whole must develop a better understanding of the value of water services so that water operators can assume their responsibility to ensure sufficient safe drinking water and properly treated waste water for future generations.
EurEau: Valuing our Water Services

Image source: EurEau - The European Federation of National Associations of Water Services

Climate change is directly and significantly affecting each and every one of us. World leaders meeting under COP26 must address water services if they are to mitigate and adapt to the changing climate around us. Meeting this challenge begins with valuing our water services.

This is why EurEau, the European Federation of National Associations of Water Services, is reminding policy makers across Europe to treat water services as a priority when developing legislation.

“While almost everyone in Europe enjoy reliable water services every day, there is very little understanding about the complexity of water services and how policy makers and water consumers can help to ensure reliable water services today and for the generations to come. Mitigating climate change and allowing water service to adapt to its consequences are key aspects in this context” said Klara Ramm, chairperson of the EurEau Joint Working Group on the Value of Water Services.

The reality is that climate change is already directly and significantly affecting many water service providers in most parts of Europe, resulting in more frequent or intense periods of drought, heat waves or rainstorms, and in more places.

Our sector is working to mitigate and adapt to climate change, reducing our energy and water consumption and recycling and restoring resources. Consumers need to understand how their water services work so that they can appreciate their value and support the climate adaptation measures water operators have to put in place to ensure we all have adequate supplies of water in the future. This is why EurEau is highlighting the vital role water plays in all our lives and why policy makers need to take water into account when forming legislation.

Source: EurEau

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