EurEau: Our Drinking Water Will Remain Safe and Affordable


The European Parliament voted to improve the European Commission’s proposal on the Drinking Water Directive by protecting consumers’ health and keeping drinking water affordable.

By adopting the Dantin report, the Plenary increased the legal clarity of the Commission’s proposal.

“European water operators will keep working to provide safe and affordable drinking water. We are confident that the next European Parliament will negotiate with the Council on the basis of the outcome of today’s vote” says Carla Chiaretti, Head of Policy with EurEau, on 28 March 2019.

The directive will continue to guarantee the protection of consumers’ health by including:

  • the new provision to ensure that materials in contact with drinking water are safe and public health is protected

  • a clearer definition of responsibilities between the various stakeholders involved in the implementation of the risk-based approach

  • the re-introduction of derogations and the indicator parameters

  • an improved definition of information available to the public

  • a realistic monitoring frequency for the quality parameters.

About EurEau

EurEau is the voice of Europe’s water sector. It represents public and private drinking and waste water service providers. The members are the national water service associations from 29 European countries. They bring sector professionals together to discuss quality, resource efficiency and access to water for Europe’s citizens and businesses. Employing around 470,000 people, the sector makes a significant contribution to the European economy.

Source: EurEau

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