Diesel-Driven High Head Pump by BBA Pumps Runs 24 Hours a Day


At the end of 2017, Volker Staal en Funderingen (VSF) purchased two new mobile high head pumps for submerging two immense bridge pillars in the Southern Elbe.

Diesel-Driven High Head Pump by BBA Pumps Runs 24 Hours a Day

BBA Pumps

The concrete pillars, with a footprint of no less than 400 m2, form the base of a new 300-metre-long lift bridge which runs parallel to the current Kattwykbrücke in the Hamburg port area. This is an impressive project in which, since the beginning of January, the concrete colossuses have been submerged twenty metres deep in the river bottom using special techniques.

One of the high head pumps is running 24 hours a day with the task of loosening the bottom under pile so that a dredging pump can extract the slurry. The other identical pump is on standby to prevent the project from coming to a standstill. Cees Muskens, chief executive of VSF, has been involved in this project from day one. He talks about the enormous amount of rocks they encountered at the bottom of the pile on the south side. “Each and every one of these rocks has been handled manually, yet we still expect to be ready here in August. We need to be, because we’ll be starting a new project in the port of IJmuiden in July. We are very satisfied with the pumps, which is why we have commissioned a third high head pump for IJmuiden,” says Cees.

Source: BBA Pumps BV

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