Cutter Pumps for Aluminium Chip Processing


The SZcut from Schmalenberger is a centralized module for modern, advanced delivery technology utilised in aluminium chip processing, specially developed for both plant manufacturers and users.

The SZcut reduces the working steps involved after machining, minimises space requirements and lowers energy and investment costs to a minimum. The SZcut has a hardened steel cutting element on the suction fitting. This special design reliably suctions chip material and coolant, crushing the chips during this process. The mixture is then pumped to a belt filter where the aluminium chips and coolant are separated and delivered to their respective destinations.

Areas of application

  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Process engineering
  • Sewage engineering
  • Draining, drainage
  • Industrial technology
  • Storage tank installation

Areas of use

  • Liquids with high air occlusion
  • Liquids which may also contain solid
  • Neutral media, such as alcalines, solvants, coolants, lubricants
  • Washing, cleaning, degreasing, Phosphating, pickling
  • Filtration and recycling technology
  • Recirculating for cooling lubricant

Picture: Cutter Pump SZcut (Image: Schmalenberger)

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