Big Additions to Armstrong Commissioning Valve Range


Armstrong has extended its range of innovative commissioning valves and now offers extremely easy-to-use valves for applications from DN15 up to DN300.

Big Additions to Armstrong Commissioning Valve Range


The new additions to the range are rugged, commercial/industrial grade BS-7350 compliant ARMflo CBV-G commissioning valves, constructed of ductile iron in DN65, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250 and DN300 sizes. The multi-turn micrometer style handle enables precise valve adjustment to design flow rates with a high degree of repeatability.

These new commissioning valves offer greater flexibility and ease of installation by enabling configuration to suit application needs, on-site, in just seconds.

ARMflo CBV-G 65mm to 300mm are delivered as variable orifice double regulating valves with grooved connections. The wye pattern globe valve design reduces turbulence induction and sensitivity as compared to low-end “butterflies”. The unique split-case body design enables conversion from straight to 90 degree elbow configuration in seconds, using standard tools and without additional parts. This is ideal for use in tight spaces or where building obstructions make it necessary to redirect piping. The ARMflo CBV-G surpasses traditional valves in these situations by eliminating the cost and installation time of using separate elbow couplings and additional welded joints.

When variable-orifice flow measurement is acceptable, the stable pressure drop across the valve seat, combined with Armstrong’s performance curves, ensures that flow determination is both reliable and affordable. Alternatively, where high accuracy flow measurement is the priority, an AFO-G flowmeter can be close-coupled or remote mounted, providing achievable accuracies to +/- 1%.

When lowest possible installed cost is the prime concern, system connection can be made with industry standard grooved couplings. Alternatively, if a flange connection is required, the valve can be instantly converted to a common flange size with an ARMgripTM flange adapter to either or both ends.

Servicing is also easier, using the innovative Service Seal to replace the gland packing without need to shutdown and de-pressurise the system.

The new valves are supported by a range of Armstrong balancing accessories including the compact DPM-100 digital manometer. Small enough to fit easily into a shirt pocket, the DPM-100 simplifies the taking of differential pressure readings. Combined with the ARMflo Balancing Slide Rule and performance curve charts, complex flow programs and calculation are eliminated. The engineer simply adjusts the valve handle to produce a differential pressure reading that corresponds to the desired flow.

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